Kakaku.com, Inc. Announcing “Tabelog Bread 100 Famous Stores 2022” -Top 100 famous stores highly rated by tabelog users-

Kakaku.com, Inc.
Announcing “Tabelog Bread 100 Famous Stores 2022”

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Announcing “Tabelog Bread 100 Famous Stores 2022”
Top 100 famous bread shops highly rated by tabelog users
The first selection shops are “TOKYO” 24 shops, “EAST” 11 shops, and “WEST” 15 shops!
The restaurant search and reservation site “Tabelog
(https://tabelog.com/)” operated by Kakaku.com Co., Ltd. will open on October 11, 2022 (Tuesday), “Tabelog Bread”, which has been highly evaluated by tabelog users. 100 Famous Stores 2022” has been announced. This time, we have selected 100 stores in each of the three areas of TOKYO, EAST, and WEST.
TOKYO: https://award.tabelog.com/hyakumeiten/bread_tokyo/2022 EAST: https://award.tabelog.com/hyakumeiten/bread_east/2022
WEST: https://award.tabelog.com/hyakumeiten/bread_west/2022
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About “Tabelog Bread 100 Famous Stores 2022”
“Tabelog 100 Famous Restaurants” is a gourmet award that announces 100 restaurants that have received high praise for each genre. Since 2017, it has been announced every year in a number of genres, and this year will be the fifth announcement of “Bread 100 Famous Stores”. Looking at the cities, towns, villages and prefectures with the most selected stores by area, “TOKYO” had the most stores in Shibuya-ku with 14 stores, followed by Setagaya-ku with 13 stores, and Minato-ku with 12 stores. Nearly half of the “EAST” stores were in Kanagawa Prefecture, with 43 stores, followed by Saitama Prefecture with 15 stores and Aichi Prefecture with 13 stores. In addition, “WEST” has 37 stores in Osaka Prefecture, 30 stores in Kyoto Prefecture, and 24 stores in Hyogo Prefecture. This time, we will introduce all the first selection stores.
About the selection method
Selection date: September 9, 2022
Select the top 100 stores in each area from the stores that meet the following conditions
・The first genre is “bread” or “bagel”
[TOKYO first selection store]
 24 stores were selected for the first time in “TOKYO”. Four shops were selected from Chiyoda Ward, and three shops each from Suginami Ward, Chuo Ward, and Meguro Ward. “Cattleya”, which was founded in 1877 and is famous for its curry bread that is fried three times a day, and “Bakstube Zopf” (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture), which was selected five times as one of the 100 Best Bread Shops, are located near Tokyo Station. “Zopf Curry Bread Specialty Store Gransta Store” opened on the premises was selected.
TOKYO first selected store (24 stores)
Store name/Area
Cattleya/Koto Ward
BAKERY SASA/Shibuya Ward
Center The Bakery Aoyama/Shibuya Ward
Juunibun Bakery Shinjuku Store/Shinjuku Ward
Mitsuru Akebonobashi Main Store/Shinjuku Ward
Minstrel/Suginami Ward
Shigekuniya 55 Bakery/Suginami Ward
Bread Factory Sousei/Suginami Ward
Comun/Setagaya Ward
Mikazukido/Setagaya Ward
Manufacture/Taito Ward
365 days and Nihonbashi/Chuo Ward
Beaver Bread/Chuo
Fortnum & Mason Concept Shop Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Store/Chuo-ku BURDIGALA TOKYO/Chiyoda Ward
Zopf Curry Bread Specialty Store Gransta Store/Chiyoda Ward
Atsunko Bread/Chiyoda Ward
Minna no Panya/Chiyoda Ward
breadworks Omotesando/Minato Ward
Bricolage Bread and Company Bakery/Minato Ward
Griot/Meguro Ward
Trasparente Nakameguro/Meguro Ward
Baguette Rabbit Jiyugaoka/Meguro Ward
Liberté Patisserie Boulangerie Tokyo Main Store Kichijoji/Musashino City [EAST first selection shop]
From Fukushima Prefecture, “Otomo Bakery”, which is famous for its local bread “Cream Box” from Koriyama City, was selected for the first time. From Kanagawa Prefecture, 11 shops were selected for the entire “EAST”, including 5 shops such as “Prologue”, which opens at 6 am and has about 250 types of bread, was selected for the first time. EAST first selected store (11 stores)
Store name/Area
Otomo Bakery/Fukushima Prefecture
Vanitoy Bagel Kawagoe Store/Saitama Prefecture
Bakery Fave/Chiba
Pandou/Kanagawa Prefecture
Prologue/Kanagawa Prefecture
Bergfeld Kamakura Main Store/Kanagawa Prefecture
Belmatine/Kanagawa Prefecture
Le Marchand de Bonheur/Kanagawa Prefecture
Lake Bake/Yamanashi Prefecture
Bread Tree Kuon / Shizuoka Prefecture
Kokoro ni Amai Anpanya JR Nagoya Store/Aichi Prefecture
[WEST first selection shop]
 15 shops were selected for the first time in “WEST”. From Osaka Prefecture, there is “Melissa”, which has a reputation for taking out the taste of “RIHGA Royal Hotel (Osaka)”. Hotel affiliated stores such as Pan Kobe Kitano Main Store have also been selected.
WEST first selected store (15 stores)
Store name/Area
Flat bread/Ishikawa Prefecture
Fleur de Farine/Kyoto
Kokoro ni Amai Anpanya Umeda Store/Osaka
De Tut Pandeuce Eki Marche Shin-Osaka/Osaka
Bian Sur/Osaka
Melissa/Osaka Prefecture
Le I Tanimachi store/Osaka
Pane Ho Maretta/Hyogo Prefecture
Tommy’s Sannomiya East Store/Hyogo Prefecture
Bread time/Hyogo prefecture
Freundlieb Ikuta/Hyogo
Bakery Akari/Hyogo Prefecture
Le Pan Kobe Kitano Main Store/Hyogo Prefecture
Hiroshima Andersen/Hiroshima Prefecture
Shiroya Bakery Kokura Store/Fukuoka Prefecture
*In the case of relocation or renewal, it is also selected for the first time. -About each target area-
EAST: Hokkaido/Aomori/Iwate/Miyagi/Akita/Yamagata/Fukushima/Ibaraki/Tochigi/Gunma/Saitama/Chiba/Kanagawa/Niigata/Yamanashi/Nagano/Gifu prefecture / Shizuoka prefecture / Aichi prefecture
WEST: Toyama Prefecture/Ishikawa Prefecture/Fukui Prefecture/Mie Prefecture/Shiga Prefecture/Kyoto Prefecture/Osaka Prefecture/Hyogo Prefecture/Nara Prefecture/Wakayama Prefecture/Tottori
Prefecture/Shimane Prefecture/Okayama Prefecture/Hiroshima
Prefecture/ Prefecture/Tokushima Prefecture/ Kagawa prefecture / Ehime prefecture / Kochi prefecture / Fukuoka prefecture / Saga prefecture / Nagasaki prefecture / Kumamoto prefecture / Oita prefecture / Miyazaki prefecture / Kagoshima prefecture / Okinawa prefecture
*When going out, please take sufficient precautions such as
implementing measures against infectious diseases.
* Since the business days and hours posted on the site may change, please contact the store in advance before visiting to confirm. [About Tabelog Hyakumeiten]
At Tabelog, together with the annual award “The Tabelog Award (https://award.tabelog.com/)” that recognizes the “delicious” restaurants that Japan is proud of, we hope that you can use it to select restaurants that meet your diverse needs. , announced 100 famous stores in a wide range of genres. Continuing, we plan to announce genres such as sweets and ramen this year.
[Overview of Tabelog]
A restaurant search and reservation site launched in March 2005. With recommendations from people who match your tastes, various search conditions, and original article content, you can enjoy searching for shops that match your needs and tastes. In addition, online
reservations can be completed 24 hours a day from a smartphone or other device.
・ Tabelog features and convenient usage: https://tabelog.com/help/beginner/ ・ About points and rankings: https://tabelog.com/help/score/ ・ Efforts for word of mouth and ranking: https://tabelog.com/help/policy/ ・About the Tabelog app: https://tabelog.com/appli_campaign
 As of October 2022, there are approximately 830,000 listed
restaurants and approximately 48 million reviews.
 Access status: 93.25 million monthly users, 2.056 billion monthly PV (results as of June 2022).
(Monthly users by device) Smartphones: 78.17 million PCs: 15.08 million *How to measure the number of monthly users:
 The number of users who have visited the site on a browser basis (depending on the specific browser, OS, etc., users who revisit after a certain period of time may be counted twice). Duplication in the number of users due to high-speed display of web pages on mobile terminals and mechanical access such as automatic collection programs by third parties are excluded as much as possible when measuring. Tabelog will no longer support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in February 2022.
-Official SNS account-
・Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tabelog/
Tabelog [Tokyo] Official @tabelog_tokyo_official
Tabelog [Fukuoka] Official @tabelog_fukuoka_official
・ LINE (eating log magazine): @oa-tabelog-magazine
・Twitter: https://twitter.com/tabelog/
[Company Profile of Kakaku.com Inc.]
Location: Digital Gate Building, 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Shonosuke Hata
Business: Planning and operation of websites and applications, provision of various platforms
List of operating sites: https://corporate.kakaku.com/company/service

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