KAMU kanazawa, a private contemporary art museum, will open its eighth space, KAMU SsRg, on November 1st. Simon Fujiwara’s “Once Upon a who?” premiered in Japan

setchu Co., Ltd.
KAMU kanazawa, a private contemporary art museum, will open its eighth space, KAMU SsRg, on November 1st. Simon Fujiwara’s “Once Upon a who?” premiered in Japan

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Once Upon a Who (C) Simon Fujiwara Courtesy of TARO NASU
The 8th space “KAMU SsRgi” will open in 2022 at the private
contemporary art museum “KAMU kanazawa” operated by setchu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Representative: Kentaro Hayashida). It will open on Tuesday, November 1st. The exhibited work is Simon Fujiwara’s installation work “Once Upon a who?”
A new exhibition space is born on Seseragi-dori Street, which is indispensable for walking around Kanazawa.
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KAMU SsRg (C) KAMU kanazawa
Proliferating museum KAMU kanazawaFollowing KAMU Sx2, which was experimentally opened quietly in the Higashiyama area in December last year, the eighth space, KAMU SsRg, will be opened on Seseragi-dori in the center of Kanazawa. Open in one corner. Seseragi-dori is a wonderful area where cafes and shops are lined up along the irrigation canal, where you can comfortably stroll around the town while enjoying the slow flow of time. As KAMU kanazawa, we planned to have a space on Seseragi-dori from the beginning of the opening. is an important point for The name of this space “SsRg” is an acronym for “Seseragi”, but the notation is based on the image of an elemental symbol, and it is designed with the idea of ​​creating new values ​​and worlds through art through new combinations and perspectives. it was done.
Who is a small white bear created by Simon Fujiwara. A work that cutely highlights the deep-rooted problems in our society
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Once Upon a Who (C) Simon Fujiwara Courtesy of TARO NASU
“KAMU SsRg” will present Simon Fujiwara’s “Once Upon a Who?” for the first time in Japan. “Once Upon a Who?” is an installation work centered around stop-motion animation that incorporates all the core themes of the “Who the Bær” project.
[Image 4d54386-17-350896608517bb8fefb6-2.jpg&s3=54386-17-ca75aeae4cc5942d9c029878ae94f665-3900x2436.jpg
Once Upon a Who (C) Simon Fujiwara Courtesy of TARO NASU
In this work, the main character, a little white bear, “who”, searches for who he is. In the process of identity formation, gender, race, mass media, social media, dating apps, celebrity culture, etc. are given. Influences, colonialism, and controversies surrounding stolen goods and art are interwoven to highlight common global issues. [Image 5d54386-17-a6587bbfd919afd12177-4.jpg&s3=54386-17-1af6044b19a2341048738cfa16c94d31-3900x2925.jpg
Once Upon a Who (C) Simon Fujiwara Courtesy of KAMU kanazawa In addition to simple, visually striking stop-motion animation, the author’s own narration and music highlight the themes presented by the story, sometimes seriously and sometimes humorously. The exhibition space was designed by Simon Fujiwara, and the blue carpet, pink sofa and yellow stools are a special space that follows the aesthetics and color tones of animation.
Simon Fujiwara
Born 1982 in London. Born to a Japanese father and an English mother. Currently based in Berlin. He works in a variety of media such as performance, installation, sculpture, and video, which interweave his own upbringing, family stories, and events that occur in the world. His works are collected by MoMA, Guggenheim Museum, Center Pompidou, etc., and are active in various museums and international exhibitions. KAMU kanazawa https://bit.ly/3SkWsaY
KAMU kanazawa, a private contemporary art museum operated by setchu Co., Ltd., opened on June 21, 2020 in the center of Kanazawa, a 3-minute walk from the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Collect works to improve Japan’s cultural resources through contemporary art, disseminate contemporary art, and contribute to the development of “Kanazawa City as a base” as a city of contemporary art. work in
KAMU SsRg Open: November 1, 2022
Simon Fujiwara “Once Upon a Who” Exhibition period: From November 01, 2022 Admission fee: Common ticket for all spaces (Online ticket:
・Adult 1-day ticket: ¥1,500
・Adult 2-day ticket ¥2,000
・Adult 3-day ticket ¥3,000
・One-day ticket for junior high and high school students: ¥1,000 ・2-day ticket for junior high and high school students ¥1,500 ・Junior high school student 3-day ticket ¥2,500
・Tickets for children (elementary school students and younger) are free Closed: Mondays (open if Monday is a holiday)
Opening hours: 11:00-18:00
Address: 1-1-52 Hirosaka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture KAMU kanazawa *Some spaces are not open to the public due to exhibition changes, etc. Inquiries regarding this matter
KAMU kanazawa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamu_kanazawa/

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