Kani Doraku Co., Ltd. November 6th. The ban on crab ice cream made by Kani Douraku has been lifted!

Kani Douraku Co., Ltd.
November 6th. The ban on crab ice cream made by Kani Douraku has been lifted! Crab Douraku finally sticks to “crab” even for ice cream.

Kani Doraku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City) will start selling “Crab Ice” on November 6th.
On November 6th, the ban on Sanin Matsuba crab will be lifted, marking the start of the crab season. We will release “crab ice cream” with plenty of crab meat, fully prepared to lose the topic of lifting the ban on crabs.
At the beginning of development, I couldn’t imagine the taste, but the newly released “crab ice cream” with plenty of crab meat has an unforgettable taste, and you can enjoy it anywhere in Japan. I wish I could. It is definitely the first experience. We are confident that it is delicious beyond imagination. It is limited to Dotonbori, so please try it once when you come to Dotonbori. What does ice cream with crab taste like? I’m sure you want to talk to someone. Please talk. I hope so.
[Image 1

Dotonbori main store limited product 500 yen each (tax included) [Image 2

Click here to sell “crab ice cream”. (Dotonbori main store)
[Developer’s manager’s story]
I am trying various things because I want to create as many fans of “crab” as possible. Last year, we debuted “Kaniman” with the concept of wanting people to enjoy crab more casually. The next product that crossed my mind was ice cream. We believed that if we commercialized it, it would become a hot topic as a unique product, and many people would know about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to combine the flavor of the crab with the vanilla ice cream. In terms of the period, it took about 2 years, repeated trial productions over and over again, spent a considerable amount of time here, and finally completed it. We also used salt from Christmas Island in the Republic of Kiribati.
Details about this release:

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