Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. Joined “ACT FOR SKY” to commercialize, popularize and expand domestic SAF

Kansai Airports Co., Ltd.
Joined “ACT FOR SKY” to commercialize, popularize and expand domestic SAF
Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has joined the volunteer group “ACT FOR SKY” that is working on the
commercialization, popularization and expansion of domestically produced SAF (*1).
“ACT FOR SKY” is a collaborative effort of companies with the will to “ACT = take action” for the purpose of commercializing, disseminating, and expanding SAF.・Established in March 2022 with the aim of leading to behavioral changes through corporate awareness changes.
We have signed a basic agreement (*2) with JGC Holdings Co., Ltd. and Revo International Co., Ltd., which are also members of “ACT FOR SKY”, to cooperate in the commercialization of domestic SAF. We are working toward the first large-scale commercial production of SAF in Japan, using waste cooking oil from rice fields as a raw material. With this membership, we will further strengthen our activities to spread and expand SAF together with other members.
Under the long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, the Kansai Airports Group is engaged in various activities aimed at reducing environmental impact, including the use of renewable energy and hydrogen. is. We will continue to promote initiatives in cooperation with related businesses and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
*1: SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) is a fuel that significantly reduces CO2 emissions in its life cycle, from the production and collection of raw materials such as biomass, waste cooking oil, and exhaust gas, to manufacturing and combustion, compared to conventional fuels. Sustainable aviation fuel that can be used as is
*2: See press release dated June 29, 2022, “Conclusion of basic agreement on cooperation for commercialization of domestically produced SAF.”
http://www.kansai-airports.co.jp/news/2022/3048/J_220628_PressRelease_SAF_fin.pdf [Image


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