Kansai’s largest design conference “Design Dimension 2022” started

Kansai’s largest design conference “Design Dimension 2022” started Held at Kyoto Shinkin Bank QUESTION on Saturday, October 22, 2022
On Saturday, October 22nd, 2022, Kansai’s largest design conference “Design Dimension 2022” will be held. General Incorporated Association CG KYOTO (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Representative Director: Ganta Nakano) (*) will create a hub for rooting design management in the region and build a better relationship between management and design through this conference. increase.
* A group corporation of CGCO Co., Ltd., a company that creates a cycle “Circular Gentrification” that creates regions that continue to be selected
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What is Design Dimension?
Since the “design management” declaration was compiled in 2018, there has been a trend toward incorporating design into management in some companies, but it cannot be said that it has become commonplace yet. The conference “Design Dimension” supports the building of organic and effective relationships between general companies and designers through co-education and co-creation content in which corporate executives and designers gather and participate. It is held for the purpose of “strengthening the competitiveness of companies by means” and “improving the presence of designers”.
The main battlefield for design conferences in Japan is often Tokyo, and most of the designers from the Kansai area are watching online. However, Kansai is an area with a strong history/culture/tradition, and I believe that it is the best place to further sublimate the Japaneseness and cutting-edge chemical reactions that Japan will be looking for in the future. And I am confident that we can promote that chemical reaction through design.
Design Dimension will start in 2022, when daily life is regained and society begins to move towards normal operation, to achieve the revival of Japan from Kansai.
At Design Dimension, in addition to the keynote speech, we will provide participants with an environment for co-education and co-creation through three main sessions that will be offered as a hybrid of real and online, and three sub-contents that will be held at the real venue.
For the commemorative first keynote speech, Mr. Kazufumi Nagai, President and CEO of HAKUHODO DESIGN Co., Ltd., who continues to lead the design industry and design management promotion in Japan, was invited to discuss the future of design management with the moderator. I’m going to talk to you.
Overview of the event
・Conference name
Design Dimension 2022
・Date and time
Saturday, October 22nd, 2022
Conference 13:00-18:10
Exchange meeting 18:30-20:00
[Real venue]
 Kyoto Shinkin Bank QUESTION
 390-2 Shimomaruya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
 Zoom webinar
(notified by the day before)
·Entry fee
 Conference 3,000 yen/person
 Student 1,000 yen/person
Social gathering 3,000 yen/person
【home page】
[Ticket purchase]
Details of the schedule will be published on the website and Facebook as needed. keynote speech

Kazufumi Nagai
[Image 2d109055-1-856da784852ab03a017a-1.jpg&s3=109055-1-aa169f4ffe50f9e4cdf21ea73322339d-600x600.jpg
Art Director/Creative Director
HAKUHODO DESIGN Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Professor at Tama Art University
Joined Hakuhodo after graduating from Tama Art University.
In 2003, he established HAKUHODO DESIGN, a branding company based on design. He is involved in management reform support for various companies, corporate and government projects, branding of products and services, VI design, and project design.
His publications include Hakuhodo Design Branding and Future Design Management. Sponsored by CG KYOTO General Incorporated Association
Representative: Representative Director Kanta Nakano
Location: Takanoha Square 4F, 331 Takanoha Square, Bukkoji-dori, Karasuma Higashiiri, Kamiyanagi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Date of establishment: August 16, 2022
Business: Holding events in Kyoto, planning, commercial design, incubation, community management
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