Kao Corporation (news release) Kao puts precision monitoring into practical use for the first time. Introduced skin analysis service using sebum RNA monitoring

Kao Corporation (news release)
Kao puts precision monitoring into practical use for the first time. Introduced skin analysis service using sebum RNA monitoring

Kao Corporation (President: Yoshihiro Hasebe) is promoting the “Precision Life Care” concept to accurately identify the causes of health issues (precision monitoring) and propose accurate solutions from various angles. . This precision monitoring has now been realized in the field of cosmetics. Using the core sebum RNA monitoring technology * 1, we will start providing customers with “Skin Potential Analysis” as a service that precisely understands the current skin condition from November 2022. . Through this, we aim to make proposals that allow individuals to know their current condition and find the care they need accurately.
*1 June 4, 2019 Kao news release
Discovered the presence of human RNA in sebum Developed original analysis technology “RNA Monitoring”
■ Background
In the era of 100-year lifespans, it is important not only to avoid getting sick, but also to live a healthier and more comfortable life. We live in an age when it is easy to obtain information about health and skin for that purpose. It can be said that there are Against this background, Kao has set “Precision Healthcare” as a direction of emphasis in its medium-term management plan “K25,” proposing the importance of accurately identifying an individual’s current condition. I’m here.
This is the same in the beauty field, and it can be said that knowing your skin best is the shortcut to accurate care. Therefore, Kao has implemented precision monitoring for the first time and will provide it to customers as “Skin Potential Analysis”.
■ Kao’s technology that realizes “skin potential analysis”
Kao is building a “sebum RNA monitoring” technology that collects facial sebum with an oil blotting film, extracts RNA from it, and comprehensively analyzes it. Through research to date, we have found that information about the expression of about 10,000 types of sebum RNA may be useful for early identification of diseases such as infant atopic dermatitis and Parkinson’s disease. It is also reported that it is possible to predict the internal factors and internal factors of skin texture and skin troubles, which were difficult to understand until now, at the genetic level.
In addition, we are also conducting research to accurately analyze the function of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, responsible for the beauty of the skin. By acquiring all the substances that make up the stratum corneum at the molecular level and performing multivariate analysis on the data, we have established a technology to predict the original function of the stratum corneum (Corneo spectrum analysis).
[Image 1d70897-214-f11871e0e23f57bb0da8-0.png&s3=70897-214-a14d874e61aa1203330faddbbad2a70d-1165x491.png
■ Items that can be grasped by “skin potential analysis”
[Image 2d70897-214-0093d7e38d0ac9a9c007-1.jpg&s3=70897-214-5482a17fe246badf61785dba0b31d524-497x718.jpg
“Skin Potential Analysis” is Kao’s highest-level skin analysis service in history, aiming to precisely understand what is happening to the skin based on two biological samples: sebum RNA and stratum corneum. Specifically, the skin’s barrier function, sensitivity to UV rays, and the state of glycation, all of which are important for beautiful skin, were analyzed using 12 indices (Figure 2). It is displayed.
■ Advantages of “Skin Potential Analysis”
The greatest feature of “skin potential analysis” is the use of biological samples that contain a wealth of information about the inside of the skin that cannot be seen visually. For example, even if the phenomenon of dry skin is the same, the optimal approach may differ depending on the cause. Sebum RNA expression information not only confirms the condition, but also makes it possible to infer the specific cause of dry skin.
In addition, with this service, if you collect sebum RNA and stratum corneum by yourself using an appropriate method, you will be able to know the precise skin condition even if there are no stores or advisors nearby.
By implementing precision monitoring, Kao will support each customer to know their skin condition and find the right care for them. Related information)
Confirmation of changes in sebum RNA molecules in infants with atopic dermatitis October 16, 2020 https://www.kao.com/jp/corporate/news/rd/2020/20201016-001/ Sebum RNA monitoring technology enables highly accurate prediction of constantly changing skin conditions
October 26, 2020 https://www.kao.com/jp/corporate/news/rd/2020/20201026-001/ ● Discovered that sebum RNA contains information specific to Parkinson’s disease patients
September 21, 2021 https://www.kao.com/jp/corporate/news/rd/2021/20210921-001/

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