Kao MK News From “Essential THE BEAUTY Hair Texture Water Treatment”, “White tea scent that invites you to a tea party at 3:00 pm” will be released in limited quantities from Saturday, December 10, 2022.

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From “Essential THE BEAUTY hair texture water treatment”, “White tea scent that invites you to a tea party at 3:00 pm” will be released in limited quantities from Saturday, December 10, 2022.

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Kao Corporation’s hair care series “Essential THE BEAUTY” will release a limited quantity of “White Tea Fragrance” from December 10, 2022 (Sat) from the “Hair Texture Beauty Water Treatment” newly released this fall. We will release it.
“Hair Texture Beauty Water Treatment” for people who have severely damaged hair and are concerned about hair tangling during the day has exceeded 250,000 shipments in the first two months of its release. Sales are 1.5 times higher than the original plan, and we are getting support from many customers.
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This time, from the “Essential THE BEAUTY hair texture water treatment”, we have prepared a limited number of items like a Christmas coffret with a special scent and package.
When you open the pale emerald green box, you will find a story that invites you to a tea party at 3:00 pm, just like Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. If you open it further, a bottle with a cute design that imitates a small blue bottle will appear. I created a feeling of excitement like opening a present.
The fragrance is based on the image of “white tea”, a pleasantly sweet black tea suitable for a tea party, and the citrus green with a sense of transparency is combined with elegant tea accents, creating a calming and calming fragrance with warm white musk and woody. . The year-end and New Year holidays are a time when there are many opportunities to enjoy fashion. We will continue to support “Essential THE BEAUTY” so that you can actively enjoy fashionable hair while taking care of hair damage.
■ Release date/region
Saturday, December 10, 2022 / Nationwide
* Advance sales at some stores and online shops from Thursday, December 1st. * Some stores may not handle the target products. Please note. *It will end as soon as the stock runs out.
■ Product features
Hair texture beauty water treatment White tea scent [Non-rinse type] [Image 3d9276-1356-8f925f032527e165e0b0-2.png&s3=9276-1356-a61c41741c36303230b790a7aebade4f-515x694.png
Impressive, silky smooth hair that lasts all day
Beauty water penetrates steadily
Continuous water veil continues as smooth fingers
Damage repair & prevention *1
Non-sticky water type
Dryer dries quickly & prevents dryness caused by over-drying ●Contains 18-MEA-*2, an essential ingredient for beautiful hair Contains moisturizing ingredients -hydrolyzed collagen, lactic acid- Contains organic fragrance as part of the fragrance
*1 Friction from irons and brushes / *2 Lanolin fatty acid (protects hair) Hair texture beauty water treatment floral luxe scent
Now On Sale
[Image 4d9276-1356-44584ce03cfe09810adb-3.png&s3=9276-1356-0648bb63c8e413bb83743f6833cf6ec7-878x1094.png
《Voice of the main customer》
The smooth feeling continues throughout the day, making you want to touch your hair.
Non-sticky and easy to care for from the root
I’m glad that the dryer has a quick-drying effect
And so on, I’m getting a voice of joy.

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