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Kawamura Electric Industry Co., Ltd. New release of “Pre-track outlet square” in pursuit of design

Kawamura Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
New release of “Pre-track outlet square” in pursuit of design Plenty of color variations!

Kawamura Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seto City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Kazutaka Mizuno), a manufacturer of power receiving and distribution equipment, prevents tracking fires caused by dust and moisture that accumulate in the gap between plugs and outlets that are still inserted. On October 3rd (Monday), we released the “Pre-track Outlet Square,” which has a more sophisticated design than the “Pre-track Outlet,” which protects.
 The “pre-track outlet”, which was launched in 2006, has been highly evaluated as an outlet that prevents tracking fires, and has been introduced in many homes.
In case of emergency, this product was installed in an out-of-sight place, and the majority of users used it. However, due to the diversification of interiors, we have received requests from many users for colors that match the design of wall materials and interiors.
Therefore, we have released three new colors: white, gray, and black that can be matched with many wallpapers. Compared to the conventional “pre-track outlet”, the corners of the plate end emphasize the flatness of the front, giving it a more stylish impression.
▼Product Overview
Product name: Pre-track outlet Square
Price: Please refer to the URL below
Sales target: 12,000 units / year
*Microsoft Word – NewsRelease202210002.docx ( By pursuing design, it is possible to increase the options for end users. The annual sales target is 12,000 units. We will contribute to the prevention of electrical fires by promoting the installation of pre-track outlets nationwide as one of the disaster prevention supplies.
Details about this release:

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