Kawasui (Kawasaki Aquarium) x Fishing SNS Anglers A total of 80 people will hold a rally at Kawasui with Anglers app users!

Anglers Co., Ltd.
[Kawasui (Kawasaki Aquarium) x Fishing SNS Anglers] A total of 80 people will hold a rally at Kawasui with Anglers app users!
Anglers and anglers members gathered in Kawasui to discuss the fishing industry and future projects.

Anglers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yoshiaki Wakatsuki), which operates the fishing SNS “ANGLERS” that allows you to record fishing results, will open a new sensation entertainment aquarium “Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium” in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2022. An inaugural meeting was held on October 10, 2010. Not only Angler’s Meisters and users of the app, but also Kawasui crew members participated and discussed the business. It was a very meaningful event that nurtured the morale of employees and fostered a community of stakeholders and users. https://anglers.jp/magazines/381c7f120b8a6091
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What is Kawasui (Kawasaki Aquarium)?
Kawasui is Japan’s first urban aquarium built inside an existing commercial facility, located in the commercial facility “Kawasaki Le Front” in front of Kawasaki Station. From the Tama River that flows through Kawasaki City to the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, and the Amazon in South America, the creatures that live in various environments around the world are exhibited using cutting-edge technology. If you are an angler, there are many fishes that every angler longs for, such as the river tiger “dorado”, the “peche cachoro” with dog-like fangs, the freshwater coelacanth “talairon”, and the world’s largest freshwater fish “pirarucu”. One of the attractions of Kawasui is that you can meet mysterious fish that you cannot see.
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■ Angler’s Meister Rally
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More than 70 people, including employees, partner companies, anglers meisters, and general users, participated in this Angler’s Rally, making it the largest ever. Thank you very much to everyone who participated.
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■ Meister Award
In the “Anglers Meister Project”, a “sponsorship system for anglers” that started in August 2021, we held the “Meister Award” to recognize the most active Meisters this year.
List of Meister Award winners
Most Valuable Meister: Tsuritoshi [Kazutoshi Sugawara]
Most Charismatic Meister: Traveling Angler FP Nakamu
Most Dedicated Meister: Shohei
Most Inspiring Meister: Fishing Slug @ Percy
Most Passionate Meister (Entertainment Award): Okamari
Most Influential Meister: Yakkun @ Angler Awards
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■ What is “Angler’s Meister”?
“Angler’s Meister” is a program that develops a sponsorship system for anglers who want to boost the fishing industry and spread the joy of fishing. Those who are selected will receive an annual activity fee of 1,200,000 yen as an angler “Angler Meister” authorized by Anglers, as well as participating in various events and appearing in the media. I’m going to have a heap with you.

■ About Anglers Co., Ltd.
With the vision of “enriching life with fishing”, we are creating an environment where anglers can share, connect, learn, and purchase. As an SNS dedicated to fishing, we will create a place where fishing spot searches and communication between anglers can proceed smoothly, and create an environment where anglers can become enthusiastic about fishing and spread their passion.

Trade name: Anglers Co., Ltd.
Location: 4th floor, Aeta Machida, 6-9-8 Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo Established: October 2012
Representative: Yoshiaki Wakatsuki
Capital: 814,535,694 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Planning, development and operation of fishing-only SNS “ANGLERS”, other related businesses
URL: https://corp.anglers.jp/

Fishing dedicated SNS “ANGLERS”

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