KDDI Evolva Re-lecture due to popularity! “Rookie training method to develop independent self-propelled engineers”

KDDI Evolva
Re-lecture due to popularity! “Rookie training method to develop independent self-propelled engineers”
Talking about “training know-how” based on the premise of potential recruitment as an advanced example of IT human resource development that will lead the next generation

KDDI Evolva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hajime Wakatsuki, hereinafter KDDI Evolva) is an online event sponsored by Gibbly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Ide, hereinafter Gibbly). The lecture that was well received at the conference “IT Human Resource Development Strategy Conference 2022” will be re-presented at “AgileHR day” on October 12th (Wednesday). As a leading company in the development of IT human resources who will lead the next generation, I would like to talk about “Initiatives in new engineer training to develop independent and self-propelled engineers”.
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▶ “AgileHR day” details: ■Introducing the example of “cultivating self-reliant and
self-propelled engineers” as the key to training and training engineers
Due to the recent decline in the working population and the shortage of IT human resources, the demand for hiring new graduates in the engineering profession is increasing, and more companies are hiring potential candidates regardless of literacy and training, either externally or internally. However, variations in IT learning experience and skills at the start of training lead to variations in training understanding and proficiency, and there are cases where training ends without meeting certain training standards.
In this lecture, with the theme of “cultivating new graduate engineers on the premise of potential recruitment”, new employees in the KDDI Evolva style, who use skill assessment data before joining the company and consider training design and curriculum while facing individuals. Key persons in the training of IT engineers will talk about specific training initiatives. There are issues in training IT engineers and designing training for new graduates, such as “I want to hire engineers without any questions about the humanities and sciences, but how should I train them?” It will be useful for your company. ■ Overview of AgileHR day
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■ Profile of KDDI Evolva speakers
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■ About KDDI Evolva IT Solutions
KDDI Evolva’s IT solution business was launched in 2009 to support the communication infrastructure of KDDI, a comprehensive
telecommunications carrier responsible for social infrastructure, from the aspect of human resources. Since its inception, we have continued to expand our business areas, from proposing wide area networks and server systems for corporations to building and operating core networks, upstream processes, development and operation of large-scale systems, and system integration. Currently, about 1,270 engineers (as of June 2022) are active in supporting the IT strategies of a wide range of corporate customers. In IT solutions, we are actively hiring highly motivated IT engineers in anticipation of further business expansion.
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