KDDI, TV Asahi, JR East Planning, Video Research and seven other companies newly join JCBI

Japan Content Blockchain Initiative
KDDI, TV Asahi, JR East Planning, Video Research and seven other companies newly join JCBI
~Expansion of member companies from 7 at the time of launch to 50~
KDDI Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Makoto Takahashi), TV Asahi Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Shinozuka), JR East Planning Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President) : Ryoji Akaishi), Video Research Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Wataru Mochizuki), Kottodori Law Office (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Partner: Kensaku Fukui), PricewaterhouseCoopers (Chiyoda, Tokyo) Ward, partner representative: Dojin Kitamura), Fun Guild Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yomiko Umeki), 2U Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shigehiro Ichikawa), Tipping Point Co., Ltd. (Okinawa Naha City, President: Kimihisa Nukaya), HKSK Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenta Akagi), Retry Live Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoki Sato), 11 new companies Japan Content Blockchain Initiative (General Incorporated Association Japan We are pleased to inform you that we have joined the Contents Blockchain Initiative (abbreviated as JCBI).
[Image *2 “Contact information for applying for JCBI membership”
■ “General Incorporated Association JCBI” new member companies [KDDI Corporation]
・Representative: Makoto Takahashi, President and Representative Director ・Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Established: June 1984
・Main business: Telecommunications business
[TV Asahi Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Hiroshi Shinozuka, President and Representative Director ・Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Established: November 1957 (Nippon Educational Television)
・Main business: Basic broadcasting business and general broadcasting business under the Broadcast Act
・ URL:
[JR East Planning Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Ryoji Akaishi, President and CEO
・Head office location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Established: May 1988
・Main business: Communication design, digital solutions, media, content business, social business, consumer research
[Video Research Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Wataru Mochizuki, President and CEO
・Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Established: September 1962
・Main business: Media measurement business including audience rating, solution service business that utilizes various data such as ACR/ex data, which is a large-scale consumer survey
・ URL:
[Kottodori Law Office]
・Representative: Representative Partner Kensaku Fukui
・Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Established: March 2013
・Main business: Publishing, film, theater, music, games and other arts, contract negotiation agency for clients in the entertainment industry, dispute resolution such as lawsuits, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, and design rights offer advice
[PwC Law Firm]
・Representative: Partner Representative Dojin Kitamura
・Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Established: November 2014
・Main Services: General Corporate Practice, Tax Advice/Tax
Investigations/Tax Disputes, M&A Legal Affairs, Wealth Management, Financial Regulations/Financial Transactions, Real Estate
Transactions/Real Estate Finance, Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, Human Resources/ Labor, Litigation/Disputes/Risk Management, Public Sector, ESG/Sustainability-Related Legal Affairs,
Restructuring-Related Legal Affairs, Information Laws
・ URL:
[Fun Guild Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Yomiko Umeki, Representative Director
・Head office location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
・Established: July 2016
・Main business: Publishing business such as comics
・ URL:
[2U Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Representative Director Shigehiro Ichikawa
・Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Established: March 2022
・Main business: Platform service business
・ URL:
[Tipping Point Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Kimihisa Nukaya, Representative Director
・Head office location: Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
・Established: October 2015
・Main business: System development
・ URL:
[HKSK Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Kenta Akagi, President and CEO
・Head office location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
・Established: December 2021
・Main business: System development
[Retry Live Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Representative Director Motoki Sato
・Head office location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Established: May 2007
・Main business: B2B matching business, M&A business, space matching business ・ URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
General Incorporated Association JCBI Secretariat

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