Kean Japan G.K. KEEN Classic shoes made from factory offcuts and recycled wool that faithfully reproduce traditional European designs

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KEEN Faithfully reproduces traditional European designs, classic shoes made from scraps and recycled wool generated at the factory -MOSEY Collection-

Since its founding in 2003, Keen Japan G.K. ( Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager/Japan Representative: Takashi Takeda) announced the “MOSEY Collection”, classic shoes made from upcycled leather scraps generated at the factory and recycled wool materials. It is on sale at KEEN directly managed stores, KEEN official online store (, and each dealer.
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MOSEY collection
-MOSEY Collection- faithfully reproduces traditional European derby shoes and chukka boots, and incorporates eco-materials into their materials. “MOSEY DERBY LEATHER”, “MOSEY CHUKKA LEATHER”, and “MOSEY CHELSEA LEATHER”, which have comfortable and supple leather
specifications, are made from offcuts generated at the factory. up cycle. “MOSEY DERBY” and “MOSEY CHUKKA” use “ReWooly”, which contains 50% recycled wool. By adopting ReWooly, a material jointly developed by Bigagli, a supplier, and REMO key, a company that develops recycled materials, 541 liters (approximately approx.
5 times) water consumption, CO2 emissions reduction of 54.5kg (car driving distance about 545km), and electricity saving of 92kWh (laptop computer use about 150 days). (This calculation is based on the Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach)
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MOSEY collection
Points for reducing the environmental impact of the shoe manufacturing process ● ReWooly, which contains 50% recycled wool, is used for the felt upper *ReWooly, a material jointly developed by supplier Bigagli and recycled material developer REMO key, consists of 50% recycled wool, 20% wool, and 30% polyester.
● The leather upper is upcycled from offcuts produced at the factory. The leather is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), which conducts environmentally friendly tanning.
● The shoelaces are recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) ●Outsole made of gum rubber and cork
● The footbed (insole) material adopts a uniquely developed LUFTCELL PU (polyurethane) that incorporates air into cells. Including air in the material reduces the amount of raw materials used and improves cushioning.

(Left/Men’s, Middle/Right, Women’s) MOSEY DERBY
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KEEN is a family-owned outdoor footwear brand based in Portland, Oregon, USA. “Can sandals protect your toes?” In 2003, KEEN’s history began with the simple question of founder Laurie Furst. Since then, we have proposed original and versatile hybrid footwear that invites you to a better life and adventures in Soto, aiming for a world where everyone can enjoy Soto at any time and achieve what they want to do, regardless of origin, gender, or generation. doing. Innovative products that continue to update their functionality, comfort, and design to the highest standards in the industry are manufactured under the concept of Detox the Planet, which promotes the reduction of environmental impact by eliminating harmful substances and using recycled materials. doing. In addition, we call efforts for social justice such as environmental protection, climate justice, disaster relief, and gender equality the “Kean Effect.”
We are committed to promoting the activities of
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