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Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. In cooperation with the Women’s Basketball W League, we will declare Tobita Kyuu to the world and implement various PR measures!

Keio Corporation
In cooperation with the Women’s Basketball W League, we will declare Tobitakyu to the world and implement various PR measures!
The W League playoffs are coming to Musashino Forest Sports Plaza! During the playoff period, the W League will color the Keio line!
Keio Corporation (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Tomura) and the Japan Women’s Basketball League (Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Naomi Kawase) are the highest league in Japan for women’s basketball. A certain W League play-off tournament (2022-2023) will be held in April 2023 at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza (nearest station: Tobitakyu Station) along the Keio line, so we have collaborated with the W League. Declare “Tobitakyu to the world” and implement various PR measures.
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In this initiative, W League players will be appointed as “Keio Sports Ambassadors” and cooperate with W League promotion activities such as W League playoffs, as well as W League participation in events along the Keio railway lines hosted by the Keio Group. Through the participation of athletes, the appeal of the W-League and areas along the Keio railway lines will be widely disseminated.
In this measure, W-League players will participate in various events held along the Keio Line, such as station masters for one day, and one 8000 series train with a special head mark will be operated on the entire Keio Line. In addition, we will promote widely along the Keio line, centering on Tobitakyu Station, the nearest station to the venue.
In addition, we will provide residents living along the Keio Line with the opportunity to watch world-class basketball up close, experience the fun of basketball, and promote health promotion initiatives through sports.
Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.
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Through this initiative, by having people watch world-class sports at facilities along the Keio railway lines, they will feel closer to sports and further spread the appeal of the areas along the Keio railway lines. At the same time, we will actively work on new measures to improve the attractiveness of areas along the Keio Line.
Customer contact information
Keio Customer Center
TEL.042-357-6161 (9:00-18:00)
[Reference] About W League
Launched in 1999 as the highest domestic women’s basketball league in Japan. Through league matches, etc., women’s basketball will be developed into a more attractive sport, widely disseminated among the people, and contributed to the promotion of regional sports as an enjoyable sport. In addition to contributing to the formation of a world-class national team, we are engaged in various projects to promote women’s basketball both domestically and internationally.
W League HP:
The top league of women’s basketball with world-class players, including all 12 who won silver medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics belong to the W League.
In the 24th tournament, a round robin system was implemented with all 14 teams. The top eight teams in the regular season advance to the playoffs, where the queen is determined by a step-ladder system. Last season’s (23rd tournament) playoff final saw a record 7,151 spectators. [Playoff semi-final final]
Venue: Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena (nearest station: Tobitakyu Station)
Schedule: Semi-finals April 8th (Sat) to 10th (Mon), 2023,
Final April 15th (Sat)-17th (Mon)
Method: 2 wins first method
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