Keio Plaza Hotel Hotel’s small “museum” Lobby gallery exhibition schedule

Keio Plaza Hotel
Hotel’s small “museum” Lobby gallery exhibition schedule
November 2022

In the lobby of the Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo: Nishi-Shinjuku, President: Katsumasa Wakabayashi), there is a small “museum” and “lobby gallery” that mainly display and introduce the works of currently active artists. We will show you the exhibition schedule next month. Please enjoy interacting with art in a calming interior. [Image 1

Happiness surrounded by flowers Planning: Julian Co., Ltd. November 1st (Tuesday) to 8th (Tuesday)
[Image 2

We will exhibit and sell about 300 flower arrangements using high-quality artificial flowers that are as close to fresh flowers as possible.
3D Shadow Box Art Exhibition 2022 ~Mysterious Three-dimensional Paintings in Frames~ November 11th (Friday) to 18th (Friday) [Image 3

3D shadow box art, which was born in Europe, is known as a craft art that reaffirms the sense of beauty that transcends borders. Please take a look at the detailed and realistic three-dimensional paintings. Jun’s Light Jun Yonezawa Wax Art/Candle Exhibition ~ Courage Facing Courage ~ November 20th (Sun) – 27th (Sun)
[Image 4

Solitude: Equilibrium that gazes into the world of solitude: Both are truths within themselves. Beacon of Light: Hope appears on the borderline between fragile and fading things.
*Exhibition hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 (until 15:00 on the last day). *”Happiness Surrounded by Flowers” and “Jun`s Light Jun Yonezawa Wax Art / Candle Exhibition” can be purchased from the online shop from 20 days before the exhibition schedule until the end of the exhibition. Plaza Online Shop:
Lobby Gallery: Inquiries: (03) 5322-8061 [Lobby Gallery Direct]
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