KinTech Co., Ltd. MENZ GYM (men’s gym), a semi-personal training gym that polishes men, opens in Shibuya!

KinTech Inc.
MENZ GYM, a semi-personal training gym that polishes men, opens in Shibuya! I can continue because I have comrades. By continuing, your body will change.
KinTech Co., Ltd. has opened MENZ GYM, a semi-personal training gym for men, in Shibuya, Tokyo. (
What is MENZ GYM?
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MENZ GYM is a semi-personal training gym to update Japanese men. It is okay for men who have not been able to continue running or muscle training at the gym. Under the guidance of a body makeover
professional, working hard together with your colleagues will surely lead you to your ideal body.
What is Semi-Personal Training?
Semi-personal training is personal training for multiple people. Up to 4 people can train together with 1 trainer. Because the number of participants is small, you can train while having close communication with the trainer, just like personal training.
The MENZ GYM fee is 14,000 yen for 4 times a month. Semi-personal training offers the same level of support and training effects as personal training at a reasonable price.
Three characteristics of MENZ GYM
MENZ GYM has three major features.
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1. Train together
The biggest advantage of training at MENZ GYM is that you can meet like-minded people who share the same desire to be a cool guy. Every week, we will train with the same members on a fixed day and time. The most important point in fitness is to keep training. Even after starting to go to a comprehensive fitness club or personal training gym, there are many people who have not been able to continue and have not been able to update their bodies.
At MENZ GYM, you can meet like-minded people every week, so it’s an environment where it’s easy to continue training while maintaining your motivation.
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2. Guidance and support
Fitness is all about doing it right and sticking to it. If you don’t train in the right way, there’s no point in continuing blindly. At MENZ GYM, body makeover professionals support your training. We will give you the best guidance to create your ideal body.
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3. Surprising cost performance
In terms of cost performance, MENZ GYM is overwhelming. Fitness clubs do not provide sufficient guidance, making it difficult to continue. Personal training, on the other hand, is expensive. I want to continue to be taught the correct way to do muscle training. But it shouldn’t be too expensive. MENZ GYM is perfect for you.
Comment from the representative trainer
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▼Representative Trainer Shinnosuke Minami
Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. He started playing handball in junior high school, won the junior high school and high school championships, and played an active role as a selected member of Ishikawa Prefecture. After retiring from club activities, he immersed himself in body makeup and entered a bodybuilding contest. Won the rookie division victory and overall 3rd place. In his previous job at a major personal gym, he has a track record of teaching over 100 clients.
-Minami Trainer Message-
Humans are creatures of habit. By putting yourself in an environment where you can continue, your body and life will change. We are waiting for you to take a step towards a new challenge.
▼KinTech Co., Ltd.
Established in February 2017 to update Japanese muscles (President Hibiki Tajima). We specialize in muscle-related businesses such as high-protein lunch box “Tori Aezu Protein”, gym property specialty real estate “Gym Real Estate”, and semi-personal gym “GOG”.
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