Kleva Co., Ltd. Free meetup for Web3 operators “Web3 meetup Shinjuku” will be held on October 26th (Wednesday)

Kriva Co., Ltd.
10/26 (Wednesday) Free meetup for Web3 business operators “Web3 business networking event Web3meetup Shinjuku”

Cleaver Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tatsuya Miyazaki) is holding a free pre-event “Web3 We will hold a business exchange meeting Web3meetup Shinjuku.
The business matching site specializing in Web3/Metaverse creates opportunities through the service itself.
The problem for those who are interested in or involved in Web3 is that there are still few people around them who can talk about Web3! A voice is heard.
As a pre-event for the start of the service, we will carry out activities that will support the connection of the Web3 industry. The Web3 space is still developing.
By providing opportunities for people involved in the Web3 industry to casually gather and interact, we can create connections between people in the industry and support the growth of this market with people who are passionate about growing their businesses. I think
If you run a business related to Web 3.0 such as blockchain, NFT, crypto assets, please feel free to join us.
[Image 1d86470-19-a8be5336e3a2f468bec7-0.png&s3=86470-19-317840f62552fcbf2344f27b4631ff3a-920x450.png
■ Recommended for people like this
・No acquaintances related to Web3 around
・We are doing business related to Web3 and want to grow the business ・ Those who want to do business using Web3
Title: Web3 business networking event Web3meetup Shinjuku
Location: Shinjuku Warp, 3-4-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (there is a map on the application page)
Date: 10/26 (Wednesday) 19:00-20:30
Participation fee free
Capacity: 30 people
Participation method: Please apply from the peatix application form Timetable: 19:00-19:15 Opening to reception
         19:15-20:30 Social gathering
Application page: https://peatix.com/group/11706812
What to bring: Please bring two business cards
■ Precautions
* Participation for business purposes other than Web 3 areas different from the purpose is prohibited.
About “MetaBiz”, a business matching site specializing in Web3 and Metaverse This is a site where people who are currently looking for
Web3/Metaverse businesses can get together and receive orders for Web3/Metaverse-related businesses with a higher degree of certainty. We are currently accepting pre-registration for those who want to receive a job. [Image 2d86470-19-38e7f459c6182366a4a4-1.png&s3=86470-19-4f5f60860c35da79048a23b0e475f65e-1200x630.png
MetaBiz pre-registration site: https://meta-biz.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaBizPR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetaBizPR
■ Registered industries (examples)
VR/AR commissioned development
avatar creation
Metaverse space construction
Blockchain linkage system development
VR/AR Human Resources Service
Blockchain human resources service
Web3/Metaverse event planning
NFT/Web3 specialized media
Metaverse entry tax
Crypto Asset Utilization / Token Issuance Support
Web3/Metaverse entry support
XR environment rental
【Company Profile】
Company name: Kriva Co., Ltd.
Location: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Tatsuya Miyazaki
Established: 2019.9
URL: https://creava.co.jp/
Business description:
IT consulting business/project management support
Web services, system development, maintenance and operation
Web consulting business
digital marketing
Business matching business specializing in Web3 and Metaverse Details about this release:

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