Knowledge management cloud “Qast” boasting a track record of introduction to more than 5,000 companies carries out large-scale update

any Co., Ltd.
Knowledge management cloud “Qast” boasting a track record of introduction to more than 5,000 companies carries out large-scale update
~Announcement of “Qast 3.0” for multiple departments and large-scale use~
Any Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazufumi Yoshida, hereinafter “any”) provides the knowledge management cloud “Qast” with the mission of “making each person’s knowledge into the power of the organization”. In this service, we have added new functions and significantly renewed the user interface with the aim of making the product more convenient for many companies.
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Background of the large-scale update
With the growth of the company, the scale of the department or the entire organization expands, and when multiple departments use the conventional Qast, the following issues will be addressed from the three perspectives of posters, viewers, and administrators. was occurring.
(1) Poster: High psychological hurdles for posting
As the number of departments and the number of people using Qast increases, the number of viewers will inevitably increase. At that time, from the perspective of the knowledge contributor, it leads to a psychological hurdle, such as “I hesitate to post if my post is suddenly made public to the entire organization,” and the frequency of posting knowledge slows down. did.
(2) Viewers: Increase in posts not related to work
Until now, there were many cases where Qast was used only by specific departments, in which case posts related to their work were displayed in the list. On the other hand, if you use Qast company-wide, the list will include knowledge that is not directly related to your work. For viewers, it takes time and effort to sort out the information they need, which could lead to a decline in usability.
(3) Administrator: Secure searchability when the number of posts increases For Qast administrators, there is an idea to have many departments and teams utilize it and want to centralize all the knowledge in the organization into Qast. On the other hand, there was a need to secure searchability so that users can quickly reach the information they want when knowledge increases.
As a service, we aim to be a “knowledge sharing tool with high psychological safety”, and in order to activate knowledge sharing across organizations even on a large scale, we have implemented a full renewal of the top screen.
Main update contents
(1) Add workspace structure
By setting workspaces for each department or job type, the scope of disclosure of knowledge posted by users is limited, which increases the psychological safety of users regarding knowledge sharing and promotes an increase in the number of posts.
[Image 2d33337-28-493d74e0792dbbf15b5d-1.png&s3=33337-28-924c5a06e8750f9d81184a71acdc91db-1778x1000.png
(2) Expansion of search targets
With Qast3.0, knowledge in workspaces to which you do not belong can also be searched. As a result, even information that was previously unsuccessful in searches using only one’s own department can be expanded by using it in multiple departments, leading to improved user convenience. Another feature of this function is that it is unique to Qast and not found in other tools.
[Image 3d33337-28-4e8228314b47db6d7bb6-2.png&s3=33337-28-d810545d736cbd463abf0cc29951f66e-1778x1000.png
(3) Improvements to a simpler user interface
By simplifying the information displayed on the top screen and narrowing down the information to be viewed, the posts are activated, and even when the amount of information increases, it becomes clear which part to look at, and the visibility is improved.
[Image 4d33337-28-16f6951e3d7123977254-5.png&s3=33337-28-8206036e4b2e061aa524a31db7a5cfc3-1778x1000.png
In addition, we have made screen transitions and greatly improved the speed of access, and powered up the service to be easier to use than ever before.
We will continue to update the product based on customer feedback. What is the knowledge management cloud “Qast” ( It is a knowledge management cloud that maximizes the performance of the entire organization by drawing out individual know-how and knowledge buried in the company. A hybrid type knowledge sharing tool of in-house wisdom bag / in-house wiki, centralizes information and knowledge in the company and can be searched immediately.
It is a cloud service that can be used regardless of industry, with automatic tagging, an analysis dashboard necessary for knowledge management, and a user profile that visualizes the skills of all users.
In recent years, when the new coronavirus has forced us to work in a variety of ways, it is becoming more and more important to accumulate knowledge throughout the company. By using “Qast”, it is possible to prevent work and know-how from becoming dependent on individual skills, and to allow anyone to access in-house knowledge at any time. As of June 2022, more than 5,000 companies have introduced it, and we aim to introduce it to 50,000 companies by 2026.
Inquiries about Qast and this update
・ Those who are considering introducing Qast in the future
We would appreciate it if you could contact us at the following URL.
Click here to see the demo screen immediately: ・Those who are already using Qast and wish to migrate to Qast 3.0 Please contact our sales representative or chat support.
*Qast 3.0 will not be applied to all customers at once from today. We will update you sequentially from the company you requested. Company Profile
・Company name: any Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Kazufumi Yoshida
・ Location: 2-2-1 KANDA SQUARE 11F WeWork, Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ・Established: October 3, 2016
・ Business: Planning, development and operation of “Qast”
・Company HP:
・ Recruitment HP:
・ Service site:
・ Management media:
Inquiries regarding this matter
any Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Shimizu
Details about this release:


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