Kobe Waterfront Development Organization Co., Ltd. Recruitment schedule for Kobe Port Tower and implementation of site tours, etc.

Kobe Waterfront Development Organization Co., Ltd.
Regarding Kobe Port Tower’s plan to recruit businesses and the implementation of site tours, etc.

1. Overview
 From December this year, we will start recruiting operators for the operation of Kobe Port Tower, which is a symbol of the Kobe
Waterfront, after its renewal.
We aim to create a tower that not only tourists but also citizens can enjoy on a daily basis, integrated with the surrounding waterfront, while making use of the observatory function that many people have seen at that time for a long time of about 60 years.
2. Recruitment details (The details below are tentative and subject to change.) (1) Schedule
Recruitment started in December 2022
Acceptance of proposals in February 2023
      March business candidate decision
Spring 2024 Kobe Port Tower Renewal Open
(2) Recruitment target
We are looking for operators of observation facilities and tenants on the lower floors. It is also possible to apply for both observation facility management and low-rise floor tenants.
1. Observation facility operator
・Management and operation of observatory facilities, including the new aerial corridor
・Ticket sales*1
・Management and operation of the observation floor elevator and elevator hall*2 ・Planning and operation of events*1, etc.
 *1 Ticket/event revenue can be received by the operating company itself.  *2 Elevator inspections, etc. will be carried out by the Kobe Waterfront Development Organization
2. Lower-floor tenant operator
・Management and operation of customer-attracting facilities such as dining and product sales on the lower floors, including the new lower-floor terrace
(3) Contractual relationship
・ Lending method: fixed-term building lease contract (Article 38 of the Land and House Lease Law)
・Loan period: 5 to 15 years
· Rent: Under adjustment
(4) Others
・ Each business operator shall be responsible for the design and construction of interiors and facilities within the scope of their own management and operation, as well as the current restoration work.   In addition, the observatory facility operator will be responsible for some of the common areas on the lower floors.
  We will also bear the cost of interior and equipment construction 3. Implementation of on-site tours
・Date and time: November 7th (Mon) and 8th (Tue), 2022
・ How to apply: Please create a participation application form and attach it to an e-mail.
        The subject should be “Application to participate in the Kobe Port Tower Site Tour” (●● is the company name)
・ Reception period: From October 12 (Wednesday) to October 26 (Wednesday), 2022 · Application form: Please download from the site below.
・ Destination: porttower@kobe-waterfront-development.ink
· Supplement: Up to 2 people per company can participate
       There will be no Q&A time on the day of the tour.
4. Establishment of a window for those who wish to advance
We will open a window for those who wish to expand as follows. Those who wish to expand or are considering expanding into the market should fill out the desired target in the prescribed form, and send an e-mail with the subject line “Kobe Port Tower Expansion ●●” (where ●● is the company name). Please send
 Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries from people other than those who wish to advance, and we will not accept any inquiries by telephone.
・ Reception period: From October 12 (Wednesday) to October 26 (Wednesday), 2022 ・Form: Please download from the site below.
・Send to: porttower@kobe-waterfront-development.ink
5. Utilization of land around Kobe Port Tower
 The observatory facility operator and the lower-floor tenant operator can utilize part of the area in an integrated manner.
(Reference) Recruitment of businesses for Kobe Port Tower
This recruitment is being implemented by the Kobe Waterfront Development Organization as part of the Kobe Waterfront urban development project based on the Urban Convenience Promotion Agreement with Kobe City (Articles 74 and 75 of the Urban Renaissance Special Measures Law).
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