Kodansha Co., Ltd. Enjoy “Kidzania Tokyo” 100%! “KidZania Tokyo Complete Guide 2023-2024” on sale! 

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Enjoy “Kidzania Tokyo” 100%! “KidZania Tokyo Complete Guide 2023-2024” on sale! Full of detailed information on all activities! Comes with a “can badge” gift coupon! !

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“Kidzania” is a “city where children play the leading role” where you can have fun learning about the structure of society. You can experience real jobs and services using lifelike uniforms and authentic tools. If you work, you will receive “KidZos” as a salary, and you can shop in KidZania, receive various services, and deposit money at the bank. It is a popular spot where many parents and children visit every day, as the experience fosters children’s independence and sociability.
“KidZania Tokyo Complete Guide 2023-2024” includes questions such as, “What kind of jobs can you do and what kind of uniforms are
available?” Can I take photos freely?” and other information to fully enjoy KidZania Tokyo. In order not to waste time worrying about what to do on the day, we recommend that you make a solid plan in advance. This book introduces all about 100 types of activities. Information on new pavilions and photos of all uniforms are also posted, so your child can easily find what they want to try. It also comes with a city map, and there are model courses for each age group, so you can learn how to get around efficiently, and you can also do simulations when you have siblings.
Please prepare well, bring this book, and enjoy “Kidzania Tokyo” to the fullest! !
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[Image 5d1719-4515-cd7dee829851dcdcf13b-4.jpg&s3=1719-4515-994677b133ddf9bafca398596c328302-1275x783.jpg
table of contents
What kind of place is KidZania Tokyo?
city ​​map
Pavilion Quick Reference Chart
Go to the editorial department recommended pavilion!
Age model course
Tips to enjoy more!
KidZania character introduction
How to read the pavilion introduction page
Pavilion guide
“I want to make food!”
“I want to make things, I want to know!”
“I love vehicles!”
“I want to protect people and the city, I want to be useful
“I want to find out/I want to tell
“I want to appeal to the fun and charm of
“I want to move my body
Check the latest information on the official website and official app! “Let’s make an admission reservation
“Check the price plan!”
“Check the flow until entering!”
“Let’s learn how to proceed with the experience
Also pay attention to the special program! Let’s enjoy Kidzania in English “Full of special experiences and benefits!” KidZania Professional A large collection of delicious food in the food court!
“I want to buy souvenirs!”
 Let’s have a more realistic experience with Out of KidZania Can Badge Gift Coupon
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Title: “KidZania Tokyo Complete Guide 2023-2024”
List price: 1,300 yen (tax included)
Size: B5 variant
Number of pages: 96 pages of text
Release date: October 6th (Thursday) *Release dates may vary depending on the store.
Published by Kodansha
*Kodansha Co., Ltd. is the official sponsor of KidZania Tokyo. Details about this release:


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