KOKUYO Co., Ltd. 16 products of KOKUYO received the “Good Design Award”

Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
16 KOKUYO products received the Good Design Award

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) is pleased to announce that 16 products, the largest number ever for Kokuyo, have won the Good Design Award 2022 sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
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(From the left in the first row of the photo) CARTON 2.0 ARCHIVE BOX, Carry Campus,
Movable booth “WORKPOD FLEX”, panel booth system “fore”, (2nd row from left) panel “Leafy”, lifting stool “Join”, compact table ” MULTIS”, panel with whiteboard function “GRABIS”, (3rd row from left) working chair “ingLIFE”, “Energy Series”, “Rooney” , co-creation space “SYNERGYCA co-creation lounge”, (4th row from left) bag-in-bag “BIZRACK”, notebook “PERPANEP (flat binding)”, notebook PC stand with slide board “BIZRACK”, “Documents are neat Separable clip holder – “Good Design Award” Winning Product –
A cardboard box that has been updated to high specs so that it can even hold water. Using Isaac’s functional cardboard developed to carry marine products and refrigerated goods, we created an archive box that is easy to use in everyday life. Even though it is cardboard, it protects from humidity and can be kept cold. Beyond conventional uses, it is useful in various scenes of life.
Product introduction site
■ Carry Campus
It is an application that allows you to study by importing your notes to your smartphone or tablet. You can access the notes and materials you need anytime, anywhere. You can study even in scenes where it is difficult to spread your notebook, and you don’t have to carry heavy luggage. Equipped with editing functions such as memorization markers and memorization sheets that are perfect for studying for tests. Product introduction site
■ Movable booth WORKPOD FLEX
A movable booth that allows you to secure a workspace in the office according to your work style and mood. We have realized a closed space where you can concentrate without worrying about sound leakage to the surroundings during phone calls, concentrated work, and web
conferences. A booth that provides the fun of choosing from a wide variety of variations that fit a wide variety of office designs, such as excellent ventilation performance, simple design, and various colors.
Product introduction site
https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/workpod/sp/workpodflex/ ■Panel booth system “fore”
The problem of “sound” in the office has come to be seen as an issue, such as the rapid increase in online meetings due to new work styles in recent years, and the echo of sound from hard interior materials such as mortar and wood due to changes in office interior trends. . “Foret” is a panel booth system that considers the sound environment and promotes conversations between workers through sound absorption and comfort.
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■Panel “Leafy”
The problem of “sound” in the office has come to be seen as an issue, such as the rapid increase in web meetings due to new work styles, and the echo of sound from hard interior materials such as mortar and wood due to trends in office interiors. Leafy is a panel series that creates a space where conversation is lively with a fun design while taking into consideration the noise problem in the office with high sound absorption performance.
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■ Lifting stool “Join”
A half-seating stool with rocking, rotating, and lifting functions. As attention is increasing in the office as a place where teams can raise their creativity, we are targeting scenes where multiple people brainstorm and come up with ideas. The swaying of the stool fits various movements and is expected to have the effect of revitalizing the meeting.
Product introduction site
■Compact table “MULTIS”
A compact table based on the concept of “phase-free” that allows everyday use to be used in emergencies by increasing variability and operability. A panel that can be attached and detached by the user allows quick setting according to the situation, such as for solo work or for projects that combine multiple units. It can be easily connected with the magnets on the legs, reducing the time and effort required for preparation.
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■ Panel “GRABIS” with whiteboard function
A multi-purpose panel based on the concept of “phase-free” that allows everyday use to be used in emergencies. One side is a cloth side that can be used as a divider, and the other side is a whiteboard side that can also be used as a magnet, so it can be used according to the purpose and can be used in a variety of situations. We realized a leg shape that can be smartly stacked with a portable weight.
Product introduction site
■ Working chair “ingLIFE”
As working from home has become the norm due to the coronavirus, work has been brought into the house, and we are spending more time sitting down in a variety of situations, such as eating, as well as children learning and playing. However, all these hours are spent on dining chairs and sofas, increasing the physical burden on workers and children. ingLIFE is a working chair based on the concept of a Multi Objective Chair that seamlessly supports various situations and postures such as work, study, and dining.
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■ “Energy Series”
A power supply item that supports digital work. The display mobile and carry cart are equipped with a portable power supply, so you can hold meetings using the display or work using a notebook PC for a long time even in places where there is little fixed power supply. In addition, we have prepared a pole-type extension cord that allows you to use the power supply close to your hand even with furniture without wiring functions.
Product introduction site
https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/energyseries/ ■ “Rooney”
A portable workspace, fast and comfortable. Rooney, which carries the workspace itself, is full of attention to detail as a “work
environment”, such as consideration for a comfortable working posture and pockets that keep power cables out of the way. It is a tool that supports ABW workers developed from our own perspective that pursues “work”.
Product introduction site
■ A place for co-creation “SYNERGYCA co-creation lounge”
Under the theme of “Let’s talk about changing the world -Chemistry for innovation-“, we will create new value while having customers from industry, government and academia see, touch and experience the technologies of the Sumitomo Chemical Group. A place of co-creation that produces ideas and awareness that lead to The “SYNERGYCA Co-Creation Lounge” has a “gathering” area that promotes communication with customers. The history, products, technologies, and R&D efforts of the Sumitomo Chemical Group are presented in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand manner using digital content and virtual reality. There is an “experience” area, and an “interaction” area where you can share social issues and mutual interests with customers and explore ways to solve them together.
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■Bag in bag “BIZRACK”
It is a bag-in-bag that looks neat even though it can hold a lot of things from stationery to digital tools. With more and more people working between home and office, bag-in-bag storage capacity and fashionability have come to be emphasized. This product aims for a high-quality appearance with attention to detail, while securing storage capacity with an elastic gusset and a pocket arrangement that does not add bulk.
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■ Notebook “PERPANEP (flat binding)”
This notebook was created by paying attention to the fact that “compatibility between paper and writing instruments” is an important factor for writing comfort. You can choose your favorite “writing comfort” from 3 types of paper with different writing feeling. In addition, with a minimalist and timeless design, plenty of ruled lines, and a special binding that opens flat, we have taken care to allow you to deeply face the act of “writing” in various situations. Product introduction site
■ Notebook PC stand with slide board “BIZRACK”
A notebook PC stand suitable for various work environments and changes in work styles. Considering the design that blends not only in the office but also in the residential space due to the increase in home work, the use of notebook PCs “digital elements” and notebook writing “analog elements” in line with changes in work styles such as the spread of telework and video conferencing. with comfort for both. Product introduction site
■ “Clip holder that separates documents neatly”
Many conventional clipboards assume the scene of “temporarily standing and writing documents”. However, in busy workplaces such as medical and nursing care where there is a lot of standing work, we found that there is a demand for clipboards that are specialized not only for writing while standing, but also for managing documents and small items. By returning to the basic design and reflecting the voices of the field in the design, we have created a product that can support work throughout the day.
Product introduction site
■ Click here for a list of past awards for furniture products. https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/awards/
■Click here for a list of stationery products that have won awards in the past. https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/feature/gda/

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“Good Design Award”
Carrying on the good design product selection system established in 1957, this is an activity to evaluate and promote Japan’s leading designs. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and overseas participate, it is held every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and using design to solve social issues and themes. The award-winning “G Mark” is widely known as a symbol of excellent design.
* Good Design Award website; http://www.g-mark.org/
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