Komatsu Monozukuri Mirai Juku Executive Committee Enjoy a total of 50 experiences, from “just like training ” making things with local craftsmen to hands-on DIY experiences with your family! “GEMBA MONOZUKURI EXPO 2022” full p rogram details released

Komatsu Manufacturing Future School Executive Committee
You can enjoy a total of 50 experiences, from a “just like training” experience where you can make things with a local craftsman, to an experience where you can try DIY with your family! “GEMBA MONOZUKURI EXPO 2022” full program details released.
From October 4th to October 31st, 2022, program reservations will be accepted on the official website (

Komatsu Monozukuri Mirai Juku (Executive Committee Chair: Hisahide Ogura) will hold the open factory event “GEMBA Monodzukuri Expo 2022” where you can thoroughly experience the “manufacturing hub” in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture from November 3, 2022 (Thursday). It will be held on Sunday, November 6th. The contents of the program provided at this event have been finalized. From today, we will start accepting reservations for the program on the official website.
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GEMBA Monodzukuri Expo 2022 is an open factory event where you can thoroughly experience the “manufacturing field” in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The contents of the program to be offered at GEMBA Monozukuri Expo 2022 have been decided, and will be published on the official website. (Official website:
Beginning with tours of the factories and studios of the suppliers that produce intermediate materials, and the artists and manufacturers that make the final products, the family offers a full-fledged DIY experience that can be described as a “training experience” where you can take your time with a professional to make things. We are waiting for you with a total of 50 diverse programs, including those that you can enjoy at
There are programs that require advance registration and programs that can be enjoyed without registration. For programs that require advance application, you can apply from the official website from October 4th to October 31st.
Please enjoy a wide range of special programs from Japan’s
representative traditional crafts to giant manufacturers that boast a global share.
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Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is located between Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which is blessed with tourist attractions such as Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle, and Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which has one of Japan’s leading hot spring towns. It has been decided that the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be extended in the spring of 2024, and the Shinkansen will stop at Komatsu City. Triggered by this, the GEMBA Monozukuri Expo is an initiative that began in 2021 to create new tourism content with the aim of expanding the non-resident population of Komatsu City.
Title: GEMBA Monozukuri Expo 2022
Date: November 3 (Thursday) to November 6 (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture (participating companies: 35 companies) URL:
Organizer: Komatsu Monozukuri Mirai Juku Cooperation: Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry GEMBA MONOZUKURI EXPO 2022 Theme
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Theme: Hey, listen to me. our story
At GEMBA Monodzukuri Expo 2022, you can enjoy a total of 50 programs at each factory and workshop, such as “Let’s use our manufacturing capabilities to make new products together” and “Would you like to become the successor of our workshop?” . Due to factors such as the rise of cheap substitute products made overseas, it is becoming difficult for Japanese manufacturing companies to continue their business simply by delivering the same good products as before. Therefore, Monozukuri Mirai Juku has developed a program that can solve the problems that companies face together with participating businesses. Through these, we will create a place where manufacturing companies can present their own technology and products to consumers, designers, manufacturers, etc. In addition, we aim to create a chemical reaction by directly connecting companies and consumers and establish new sources of revenue.
A model course is now available on the official website!
Model course 1.: A one-day training course that immerses you in Komatsu’s craftsmanship
The GEMBA Monodzukuri Expo is a place where you can have a deep experience that can be called “training” by having a professional guide you, rather than just having a little “experience” while traveling. Here is an experience that can only be done at GEMBA, where work related to various processes in various industries spreads, such as suppliers who create intermediate materials from the place where materials are extracted, and artists and manufacturers who create final products. In this model course, we will pick up some serious experiences among the contents of GEMBA Monodzukuri Expo 2022. In Komatsu, why don’t you get addicted to Monozukuri swamp?
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[Program 1. (reservation required)]
If you can do it, do it! Making one frying pan in the world
Overview: You will make a frying pan with a diameter of 17 cm by hammering iron with Keita Suuma, an iron craftsman who manipulates iron in a phantasmagoric way. Why don’t you experience what it feels like to handle iron and how much strain it puts on your body? Whether you bring home your own frying pan or a lump of iron depends on your guts.
[Program 2. (reservation required)]
I want an apprentice! A painting experience where you can thoroughly learn about Kutani tradition using Ko-Kutani style designs
Overview: Mr. Kunimori Yamanaka, an artist and lecturer at the Ishikawa Prefectural Kutaniyaki Technical Training Institute, which has produced many artists and craftsmen, will teach you about the techniques and copying of Ko-Kutani, which is his own subject. , is a super private painting experience. If you have a good streak, you might be scouted as a disciple! ?
[Program 3. (no reservation required)]
A pottery that makes the body of Kutani pottery Miyayoshi pottery studio tour and gallery shop
Overview: Miyayoshi Seito, which continues to make the base material that is the body of Kutani ware. In the gallery attached to the factory, you can actually see and purchase Miyayoshi Seito’s original product “tocowa”, and you can also visit the factory without a reservation. We invite you to take your hands and feel the techniques of the pottery that have been handed down while evolving in order to protect traditions in the changing times.
“Program” details
~ 1. Enjoy the food culture of Komatsu at GEMBA! ~
Komatsu City is home to a variety of food cultures. At GEMBA, we have prepared a program where you can actually experience production and tasting, including a tour of the original place that continues to support Komatsu’s food culture.
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Nagaike Saikado
Experience the world of “Tsujiura”, the standard New Year’s
fortune-telling sweets!
By Nagaike Saikado: Overview: Ishikawa Prefecture residents, especially those from the Kanazawa to Kaga areas, have probably eaten at least once during the New Year, Tsujiura, a New Year’s tradition. A mysterious message is written in a cute triangular rice cake. At the factory across from Nagaike Saikado, they make tsujiura, which is becoming rare these days. In this program, you will infiltrate the factory of Nagaike Confectionery, which is in the midst of making tsujiura, and create an original tsujiura that conceals a message you wrote yourself. [Image 6

Toraya pottery shop
An evening of GEMBA limited local sake and Kutani porcelain with sake cups made by Kutani porcelain artists
By Toraya Pottery: Overview: In this program, you will be able to experience Kutani ware flourishing not only in pottery but also in various traditional cultures. We will be holding a party where you can enjoy the sake of Nishide Shuzo Shunshin and Higashi Shuzo Shinsen, which are
participating in the GEMBA Monozukuri Expo, in Kutaniyaki sake cups while appreciating precious works of artists. We welcome Mr. Natsuki Onaka, an international sake taster who handles various sake events, and enjoy the collaboration of Kutani ware and local sake.
~ 2. Experience industrial Komatsu! ~
Komatsu City in Ishikawa Prefecture is home to a wide range of jobs related to various processes in various industries, such as suppliers that produce intermediate materials and manufacturers that produce final products. At GEMBA, we have prepared a number of programs that allow you to experience the flow of things until they are completed, as well as a tour of the backside of the factory.
[Image 7

Takeda Industries
A working car moves with these parts! Observation of construction machine parts processing factory and iron work experience
By Takeda Industries: Overview: Takeda Kogyosho, which is located right next to Komatsu Seisakusho, which is famous for working cars, performs cast steel machining and thick plate welding for parts. The processing of iron products actually used for industrial construction machinery is large-scale and overwhelming. In this program, you can process iron using machines that are actually working at Takeda Industries, create a stand for smartphones, tablets, etc., and take a tour of the factory.
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Comany, Daiei
Experience the process from material processing to assembly and iron DIY! By Comany, Daiei: Overview: Comany, a partition manufacturer that everyone in the area knows. In this program, when Comany makes products centered on partitions, we will observe the series of processes from cooperating suppliers Daiei to Comany while making things together. you can know if there is In addition, you can make original iron ornaments that can be used at camp while actually experiencing part of the process rather than just observing. This is a must-see program for outdoor
~ 3. Experience the new Komatsu GEMBA! ~
This year, the number of participating companies increased by 8 from 27 last year to 35. You can now enjoy more diverse programs, such as an experience where craftsmen and families can try full-scale DIY. [Image 9

green job
Original painting experience on a tote bag using natural plant dyes By greenjob:
Overview: Green Job creates ethical lifestyle products that are friendly to people and nature, using natural raw materials, such as textile products dyed with vegetable dyes and towels woven from fiberized Japanese paper. In this program, Green Job’s atelier, which is usually not open to the public, will be open to the public, and original painting will be done on tote bags with vegetable dyes that children can use with peace of mind.
[Image 10 Overview: As your family grows and expands, your home and furniture needs change from time to time. Even if you think it’s just right now, it’s not uncommon for it to be a few years later. Why don’t you DIY an original open shelf that can be used in various ways according to such lifestyle changes? Maruya Kobo is a company that provides workshop rental space for DIYers, as well as professional services for wooden furniture and fittings. With the support of professional woodworkers, you can create your own open shelves with customized sizes.
[Image 11 Details about this release:


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