Kyoto long-established Kameda Risaburo Yakuho Greetings at the end of the year, New Year’s greetings. “Ewanoyu U” with natural herbal medicines November 26, 2022 Limited quantity available

Kameda Risaburo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
[Kyoto long-established Kameda Risaburo Yakuho] Greetings at the end of the year, New Year’s greetings. “Ewanoyu U” with natural herbal medicines November 26, 2022 Limited quantity available
Celebrate the new year by purifying yourself with the power of adzuki beans passed down from ancient times

With a history of more than a century, Rokujinmaru, a household medicine made mainly from Chinese medicine, is well known. Kameda Risaburo Yakuho (Kita Ward, Kyoto City), a long-established store in Kyoto, sells packaging designed with zodiac signs, making it a perfect small gift for the year-end and New Year holidays. Natural Chinese herbal spa herb “Sho no Yu” will be released on November 26th (good bath day).
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Enoyuu main cut
Kyoto Kameda Risaburo Yakuho, which is familiar with the home medicine “Rokujinmaru”, which has been loved for a long time, recommends a health method that anyone can easily continue – bathing -.
Kyoto’s wisdom about the seasons, “summer is hot and winter is cold”, and the technology of a long-established pharmaceutical manufacturer warms the body to the core and relieves stress. The medicinal bath for that purpose is “Natural Kampo Spa Herb” containing natural herbal medicines. Soak in hot water full of herbal medicines to reset the fatigue of the day, or use it as a morning bath to start the day fresh.
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Natural Kampo Spa Herb is a style in which only herbal medicines are contained in a non-woven fabric so that you can fully enjoy herbal medicines. It does not contain any chemicals, so you can use it with confidence.
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Enoyu outer box
This year, in addition to the standard 6 types, we will release a limited edition “Ewano Yuu”. Easy to use as a gift, it comes in a package containing two boxes, with coloring that reminds us of next year’s sexagenary cycle, the rabbit, the red eyes of rabbits, and a ground pattern designed from the image of a jumping rabbit, making it a small year-end gift. , perfect for New Year’s greetings.
“Ewanoyu U” contains two types of -cinnamon- and -cloves, both of which use adzuki beans.
In Japan, the red color of adzuki beans has long been believed to ward off evil spirits, which is why sekihan is still indispensable at celebratory occasions. Also, azuki beans are called red azuki beans (sekishouzu) in Chinese medicine, and in addition to detoxification and diuretic action, they are said to be highly effective for beautiful skin.
【Product Summary】
Product name Eno Yuu (Released November 26, 2022, limited quantity) List price 1,100 yen (tax included) 2 pieces per box (cinnamon x 1, clove x 1) Ingredients [Cinnamon] Red beans, cinnamon bark, cinnamon bark, cinnamon, senkyu, chimpi, mugwort [Cloves] Red beans, cloves, cinnamon, cinnamon, cloves
[Features of compounding ingredients]
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adzuki beans
Adzuki beans
In Chinese medicine, it is called red adzuki bean (Sekishozu), and it is effective for urticaria and beriberi, and also has detoxification, drainage, and diuretic effects. It is also used for beauty purposes when it has a good effect on the skin.
Also, adzuki beans are said to have the power to expel evil spirits, which is why red rice is served on auspicious occasions.
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Cinnamon bark
Widely known as cinnamon, it is also called “nikki” in Japan. As a stomachic, carminative, flavoring, sweating, antipyretic, and analgesic, it calms the excitement of the central nervous system and regulates water metabolism.

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It has effects such as warmth, stomachic, and anti-emetic, and is used for abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and hiccups. It is also used as a spice and is also called clove.

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Dried mandarin orange or mandarin orange peel. It also has a blood pressure-lowering effect, and in Chinese medicine, it is said to be effective for anorexia, vomiting, pain, etc. as an aromatic stomachic and antitussive.

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A perennial herb of the Apiaceae family. It has the effect of increasing blood circulation and is effective in relieving pain caused by hyperemia. It discharges pus and has a granulation effect.

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Ai leaf
Mugwort (Mugwort)
It has the effect of expelling cold and pain, removing phlegm from coughs and asthma, and it is also used as a bath for cooling, lumbago, and hemorrhoids.

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river clover
Cnidium officinale
A perennial herb of the Apiaceae family. It has anti-inflammatory, sedative, and blood circulation-promoting effects, and is sometimes used in cosmetics to prevent dullness and rough skin. It is also expected to have beautiful skin effects such as moisturizing the skin.

[How to use]
Take it out of the plastic bag and put it in the non-woven fabric bag when you start adding hot water.
It is more effective if you soak it in the bathtub for about 2 hours. New product for the first time in 100 years since Taisho 1 Natural Chinese herbal spa herb Rokushin series
Kameda Risaburo Yakuho, who is familiar with the traditional medicine “Rokujinmaru”, has developed this spa herb that can be easily used in a medicated bath at home. Six types traced to the north, south, east, and west. It’s good to match the season, it’s good to match your physical condition, and it’s a safe bath that doesn’t contain fragrances or additives, and it’s good for health maintenance, and of course beauty.
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natural herbal spa herbs
■Inquiries about products■
Kameda Risaburo Yakuho Co., Ltd. TEL075-462-1640 〒603-8322 95 Miyamoto-cho, Hirano, Kita-ku, Kyoto

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