Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University Instagram seminar by female college students held in Arashiyama

Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University
Instagram seminar by female college students held in Arashiyama Students from Kyoto Notre Dame University explain essential tools for the tourism industry in a seminar format

Students from Kyoto Notre Dame University (President: Kumi Nakamura, Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) will hold an Instagram seminar for members of the Saga-Arashiyama Hospitality Vision Promotion Council (Chairman: Kenji Yoshida).
This seminar is one of the 2021 career education subjects “Career Development Seminar”, “With Corona’s New Arashiyama Tourism Seminar”. While thinking about this, a student of our university proposed and operated Instagram, which made it possible.
We encourage all members of the media to interview us. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact the following.

“Seminar to think about new Arashiyama tourism with Corona” Instagram opened by students
[Points of this case]
1. With the activities of the university’s career education course as an opportunity, we are holding a session for members of the
Saga-Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion Council on how students can use Instagram.
2. I will explain how to use “Instagram”, which is an indispensable tool for the tourism industry, from the perspective of a female college student.
3. It will be held twice, the 1st “Super Beginner” and the 2nd “Beginner”. (The first was already held on 9/20)
Part 2: Beginners: Installing a Business Account ~How to use it, Post articles~ Date: October 17, 2022 (Monday) 18:00-20:00
Venue: Hotel Binario Saga Arashiyama 2F Omuro
Lecturer: Arashiyama Tourism Seminar Student, Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University
Participants: Saga-Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion Council (Arashiyama Shopping Street, Arashiyama Jukenkai, Arashiyama Nakanoshima Kai, Arashiyama Nishinokai)
[What is Career Formation Seminar?]
“Career Development Seminar” is a cross-disciplinary and grade-wide class that proposes solutions to problems outside the university, that is, in the real world and companies, from the perspective of university students. Students select seminars related to the industry or job they are interested in, share their knowledge with each other to understand the current situation and solve problems, create a plan proposal, and give a final presentation. These experiences and learning are set as “seminars”, and we are working to improve the “information gathering ability”, “planning ability”, “communication ability”, “execution ability”, “presentation ability”, and employment ability necessary for working people.
[2022 seminar list]
・Environmental Energy Business Exploration Seminar Cooperation: NPO Kiko Network ・With Cooperating organization: Saga Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion Council
・Workshop・Design Seminar Instructor: Michihide Hamanaka
・Bridal Industry Seminar Cooperation: Yonejin Co., Ltd.
・ Free information magazine / planning and editing seminar where you can experience the fun and importance of information transmission Cooperation: Chekipon Co., Ltd.
・ Long-established confectionery product planning seminar Cooperation: Tn Co., Ltd.
・Experience balancing work and childcare ・Seminar to explore life design Cooperation: Kyoto Prefectural Office for Children and Youth *A seminar to think about new Arashiyama tourism with Corona will be held again in 2022. For details, please check the press release below.
[Saga-Arashiyama Hospitality Vision Promotion Council]
In the scenic Saga-Arashiyama area, there are five shopping streets: Saga Shopping Street, Arashiyama Shopping Street, Arashiyama Jukkenkai, Arashiyama Nakanoshimakai, and Arashiyama Nishinokai. Over the course of two years from 2008, a planning committee organized around five shopping districts considered the future of commerce and initiatives, and in June 2010, the “Saga-Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion” was established. council”.
We aim to create a town that is “good to live in and good to visit” that can be handed down to future generations, and to provide hospitality that is admired by citizens and domestically and internationally with the wisdom and ingenuity of a merchant. Click here for details
[About Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University]
Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University was founded in 1961 with the founding spirit of cultivating women who have both “Virtus et Scientia” and women’s education based on the Christian Catholic spirit.
“Virtue” is the ability to do good things for people based on ethics, that is, to be a person who can do good deeds. “Knowledge” refers to advanced knowledge necessary for taking leadership in society. With this as our motto, our university conducts education aimed at developing human beings with a mission and commitment expressed as a concrete action guideline: “respect, dialogue, empathize, and act.” Details about this release:


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