Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University Thinking about new Arashiyama tourism with Corona

Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University
Thinking about new Arashiyama tourism with Corona
Efforts in industry-academia career education developed by Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University

Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University (President: Kumi Nakamura, Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) conducts “Career Formation Seminars” in collaboration with companies and external organizations as part of career education. One of these is the “With Corona New Arashiyama Tourism Seminar,” in collaboration with the Saga Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion Council, which consists of four shopping districts in Arashiyama. We are conducting a seminar class to think about Arashiyama tourism in the future from a different perspective.
The second schedule will start in October. We encourage all members of the media to interview us. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact the following.

[Image 1

“Seminar to think about new Arashiyama tourism with Corona” State of fieldwork at Tenryu-ji Temple
[Points of this case]
1. After lectures and fieldwork in seminars, groups responsible for tourism in Saga-Arashiyama and female university students will work together to think about the future form of tourism in Saga-Arashiyama, one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations.
2. A menu born from practical industry-academia collaboration career education in which female university students work on solving problems of companies and external organizations while being aware of their own career development.
3. Participating students will acquire “planning skills”,
“presentation skills”, “communication skills” and “information gathering skills” through interaction with outside members of society. [Seminar implementation schedule]
[Image 2

“With Corona’s New Arashiyama Tourism Seminar” Second Schedule [Image 3

“Seminar to think about new tourism in Arashiyama with Corona” first semester / intensive period schedule
[What is Career Formation Seminar?]
“Career Development Seminar” is a cross-disciplinary and grade-wide class that proposes solutions to problems outside the university, that is, in the real world and companies, from the perspective of university students. Students select seminars related to the industry or job they are interested in, share their knowledge with each other to understand the current situation and solve problems, create a plan proposal, and give a final presentation. These experiences and learning are set as “seminars”, and we are working to improve the “information gathering ability”, “planning ability”, “communication ability”, “execution ability”, “presentation ability”, and employment ability necessary for working people.
[2022 seminar list]
・Environmental Energy Business Research Seminar Cooperation: Kiko Network, a specified non-profit organization
・A seminar to think about new Arashiyama tourism in the WITH Corona Cooperating organization: Saga Arashiyama Omotenashi Vision Promotion Council
・Workshop・Design seminar         Teacher in charge: Michihide Hamanaka ・Bridal Industry Seminar Cooperation: Yonejin Co., Ltd.
・ Free information magazine / planning and editing seminar where you can experience the fun and importance of information transmission Cooperation: Chekipon Co., Ltd.
・ Long-established famous confectionery product planning seminar      Collaboration: Tn Co., Ltd.
・Experience balancing work and childcare ・Seminar to explore life design         Collaboration: Kyoto Prefectural Office for Children and Youth
[About Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University]
Kyoto Notre Dame Women’s University was founded in 1961 with the founding spirit of cultivating women who have both “Virtus et Scientia” and women’s education based on the Christian Catholic spirit.
“Virtue” is the ability to do good things for people based on ethics, that is, to be a person who can do good deeds. “Knowledge” refers to advanced knowledge necessary for taking leadership in society. With this as our motto, our university conducts education aimed at developing human beings with a mission and commitment expressed as a concrete action guideline: “respect, dialogue, empathize, and act.”

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