Kyoto Specialties Cooperative Association A festival of “Kyoto things” presented by famous stores in the a ncient capital of Kyoto! Online exhibition “2nd Kyomono EXPO” will be held!

Kyoto Specialties Cooperative Association
A festival of “Kyoto things” presented by famous shops in the ancient capital of Kyoto! Online exhibition “2nd Kyomono EXPO” will be held!
The Kyoto Specialty Products Cooperative Association, which is a member of companies that manufacture and sell specialties in Kyoto, is holding the online exhibition “2nd Kyomono EXPO” from Saturday, October 1, 2022. In addition, a survey campaign is also underway to win Gion Odori hand towels and long-established masterpieces exhibited at the “2nd Kyomono EXPO”.
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2nd Kyomono EXPO
-Online exhibition “2nd Kyomono EXPO” held! –
Known as the Thousand-Year Royal Castle, the ancient city of Kyoto has long prospered as the center of Japan and is home to many historic sites. Masterpieces nurtured during that long history still remain in Kyoto.
“Kyoto Mono Expo” is an online exhibition led by the Kyoto Specialty Products Cooperative Association to pass on the techniques and traditions of long-established stores that continue to survive to the future.
At the “Kyoto Expo” held for the first time in December 2021, many people learned about Kyoto’s specialty products. Due to its
popularity, we are holding the second edition.
The 2nd Kyomono EXPO special site has three categories: the
confectionery section, the food (other than confectionery) section, and the craft section. We will exhibit selected items such as timeless masterpieces that have been loved for many years, new products, and seasonal items unique to this season. Information on each company’s stores is also posted, so you can use it as a reference for
sightseeing in Kyoto in autumn.
It is an event where you can feel the “history” of tradition that has lasted for a thousand years, and the “present” of Kyoto, which has been elaborated without being content with history.
The Kyoto Specialty Products Cooperative hopes to enhance various contents centered on this “Kyoto Mono Expo” and to widely convey the appeal of Kyoto’s specialties to the Internet generation.
Also, on the official Instagram, we will introduce the
long-established gems that are on sale every day during the event. Please feel the wind of the ancient capital of Kyoto at the online exhibition “Kyomono EXPO”.
Overview of the 2nd Kyomono EXPO
・ Period: October 1, 2022 (Sat)-October 31, 2022 (Mon)
・Official website:
・ Official Instagram: ・Inquiries: Tel 075-708-3200 (Kyoto Specialties Cooperative
Secretariat) / Mail
– Win a hand towel from Gion Odori and Kyoto specialties! We also have a survey campaign! –
During the event period, a questionnaire campaign will be held to win Gion Odori hand towels and Kyoto specialties. Please answer a simple questionnaire from the detail page of each product and choose one course from the “Hannari Course” and “Hokkori Course”. You can apply for any number of items by yourself.
・”Hannari course” gift for 60 people by lottery
Gion Odori hand towel signed by Gion Higashi Maiko “Masateru” (with Senjafuda) ・”Hokkori Course” 10 winners will be selected by lottery
Assortment of products from our association member stores
*Winners will be contacted by the Kyoto Specialty Products Cooperative to the email address provided in the questionnaire.
* Gifts for each course are scheduled to be shipped around the end of November. -About Gion Odori Tenugui-
“Gion Odori”, where geisha and maiko from Gion Higashi, one of Kyoto’s five geisha districts, perform is the only dance performance held in autumn in Kyoto geisha district, and is known as one of Kyoto’s annual events. This year, it will be held from November 1st (Tuesday) to 10th (Thursday).
It is a hand towel that maiko and geiko throw into the audience on the stage of the finale. This time’s gift comes with the signature of Masateru, a maiko from Gion East, and Senjafuda.
[Image 2d92336-4-fc12b75493233794cf7e-0.jpg&s3=92336-4-37c798e83c2703525daaec3f1d098d35-467x267.jpg
*The image is from the last time
[Image 3d92336-4-63922ff78fcdbb37e6cf-1.jpg&s3=92336-4-1c187fd570d4ab2dec007123e6cacc72-250x298.jpg
* “Hannari course” gift image
(Comes with hand towel signed by Gion Higashi maiko “Masateru” and Senjafuda) -Overview of “Kyoto Specialties Cooperative Association”-
A group of long-established manufacturers who have been doing business in Kyoto for many years. The purpose is to share the pride of “Kyoto things” across the boundaries of the industry, to work hard with each other, and to disseminate the taste and skill to many people. Started in 1950 with the objectives of “improving the status of the industry” and “prospering the business of the members”. Since then, we have been working to improve and develop the Kyoto brand.
Location: Room 401, Kyoto Economic Center
Representative: President Yoshiaki Tanaka
Established: March 2, 1950
Official website:

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