Kyoto’s vegan-friendly cafe “mumokuteki cafe” sells desserts of Anno potatoes grown without pesticides for a limited time

Human Forum Co., Ltd.
Kyoto’s vegan-friendly cafe “mumokuteki cafe” sells desserts made with Anno potatoes grown without pesticides for a limited time.

At “mumokuteki cafe” operated by Human Forum Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Chairman: Masaaki Deji), which develops apparel business, from 10/22 (Sat), pesticide-free during the cultivation period For a limited time only, we will be selling desserts made from grown Anno potatoes.
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The Anno sweet potato sweets fair will start on Saturday, October 22nd. Luxurious sweets made with plenty of Anno potatoes harvested at “SHIZUKU FARM” in Miyamacho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture and “Kukida Farm” from Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Anno potatoes are grown organically using only 100% organic fertilizer and minerals (rock salt), and are harvested and aged for one month to convert starch into sugar and increase sweetness. In order to make the most of the natural sweetness of Anno potatoes, we do our best to add as little sweetness as possible.
・Seasonal parfait ~Anno potato~ 1,500 yen (tax included)
About 432kcal (VEGAN MENU)
Our original soy milk soft serve is filled with Anno daigakuimo, cream, and chips. You can enjoy various textures with rice flour sponge and roasted nuts inside. A luxurious parfait filled with the deliciousness of Anno potatoes.
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・Seasonal tart ~Anno potato~ 900 yen (tax included)
About 397kcal (VEGAN MENU)
Earl Gray flavored rice flour filling topped with plenty of Anno potatoes and baked. Served with soy milk shift cream, it’s a hearty meal. Spelled wheat is used for the tart dough.
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~ About the Anno potato used ~
■ Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture “Kukita Farm”
~Safe and secure organic Anno potato grown with care and care~ [Image 4

About 1 hour by car from Kagoshima city. At an altitude of about 400m, the farm is located in the mountains called the Makinohara plateau, which extends from the coast overlooking Sakurajima to the hills. The temperature is about 4 degrees lower than in Kagoshima City, and it is one of the places where the temperature in the morning and evening in winter is said to be the lowest in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is not uncommon for the summer to be cool and the winter to be bitterly cold with a thin layer of snow.
“I want my children to eat safe, secure and delicious sweet potatoes. We are committed to organic farming. And “organic farming” = from “special things” to “familiar things”. We want to make it easy for everyone to buy organic vegetables. Mr. Kukita’s ambitions are high, and he is working on his research through trial and error every day. delicious reason
●Aging time
Anno potatoes are stored in storage adjacent to the fields for more than a month after harvest. Anno imo is said to be sweeter than other sweet potatoes because it contains a large amount of starch. When the potatoes are aged, the starch turns into sugar, which brings out the sweetness, umami, and texture of each potato. Appropriately aged Anno potatoes have a moist texture with overflowing honey when heated.
Volcanic ash accumulated in this area due to the eruption of Sakurajima, and the accumulation of volcanic ash and pumice has created a well-drained stratum. Sweet potatoes do not require much fertilizer, so it is said that good drainage will produce sweet potatoes. It seems that this layer cuts off the water more and more, making sweet potatoes delicious and sweet.
●Make carrots and sweet potatoes after sex
If you continue to plant the same crops, the composition of the soil will become uneven and the pests will be biased.
The sweet potato absorbs the small amount of fertilizer left behind by the carrots, and it seems that there is a small amount of fertilizer left that is just right for making the sweet potato moderately fat and adding flavor.
■ “SHIZUKU FARM” in Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture ~Extreme Anno potatoes carefully grown using only 100% organic fertilizer and minerals (rock salt)~
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SHIZUKU FARM is a farmer who mainly grows rice, sweet potatoes, soybeans, and vegetables without using pesticides during the cultivation period. Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture is the place on the border with Fukui Prefecture. It is an area blessed with beautiful water.
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The area called Miyama-cho, Nantan City is a hilly and mountainous area with short daylight hours and temperature differences. “Miyama” seems like a harsh environment at first glance, but it seems that it is precisely because of such an environment that the rice, sweet potatoes, and other crops try to grow vigorously on their own. I’m stuck with it anyway.
The Anno potatoes harvested last year are used as seed potatoes, and the vines of the Anno potatoes are grown using only 100% organic fertilizer and minerals (rock salt) without pesticides during the cultivation period. After harvesting and maturing for a month, the sweetness increases even more.
Anno potato with a very thick, sweet and smooth texture. It is said that the sugar content rises up to 40 degrees by heating. The honey overflows and when you eat it, you will be impressed by its rich sweetness. Because the fiber is large, you don’t feel the fiber characteristic of potatoes even when you eat it. Because it contains a lot of water, it has a moist and smooth texture.
Digging by hand without damaging the potatoes is hard work every year. There are many things that are difficult to make from “ichi”, but I am impressed when I can harvest it while I continue to make mistakes every year. I would be happy if as many people as possible could taste it. Said Shizuku-san.
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