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LaKeel Co., Ltd. Central Security Adopted “LaKeel Online Media Service” and succeeded in replacing group training

Laquille Co., Ltd.
Central Security Adopted “LaKeel Online Media Service” and succeeded in replacing group training
– Aiming to realize hybrid education through online education and group education –

Raquille Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsutomu Kubo; hereinafter “Raquille”) has established Central Security Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisashi Sawamoto; hereinafter “CSP”). ”) has adopted the e-learning service “LaKeel Online Media Service” and is pleased to announce that e-learning has been able to replace group education that is difficult to implement during the corona crisis.

At CSP, there are about 100 technical employees nationwide who are responsible for security system design, construction management, and maintenance work. endeavored to prevent accidents. While reviewing the way group education should be due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have adopted and started operating “LaKeel Online Media Service” as an alternative to group education from 2020. By using this service, it is possible to conduct regular education, which has resulted in higher learning effects such as improved safety awareness and the establishment of knowledge. In the future, when the infection situation settles down and it becomes possible to conduct group training, we plan to realize a hybrid education that combines online education and group training, and strive to reduce occupational accidents by implementing better safety and health education. is.

Background of adoption
・Conventional group education has become difficult due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and new educational methods are being explored
・Disseminate and establish basic knowledge about occupational safety, and consider measures to improve safety awareness
・Consider how to implement regular labor education, not limited to group education once or twice a year
Efforts and Effects after Recruitment
・Significant reduction in man-hours on the side of education. (Material creation/editing and educational time, etc.).
・Because you can watch it easily in a short time, you can study in your spare time, and the lack of learning opportunities has been resolved.
・The learning effect has improved because you can focus on learning with easy-to-understand animation images.
・It has become possible to implement regular training for technicians all over the country.
・By repeating learning, the knowledge of occupational safety has been established, and the burden on the site providing education has been reduced.
We provide employees with occupational safety education using video content every month, and we measure the effectiveness of the education content by managing the viewing history and measuring the retention test scores. We are actively promoting company-wide efforts to enhance occupational safety education, such as sharing the content of the training we have implemented and the status of attendance at monthly management meetings.
In addition, after providing “LaKeel Online Media Service”, in response to requests from CSPs, by utilizing the “Railway Safety Series” videos produced free of charge, safety education that meets the needs of special sites can be implemented, and This reduces the burden on the person in charge and promotes employee understanding. Comments from the person in charge of occupational safety education at CSP At CSP, based on our founding philosophy of “contributing to society through work” and “pursuing the happiness of all people related to the company”, we aim to be a company where employees can work more rewarding, and each and every employee can grow and develop their abilities. We are promoting the creation of a work environment where Going forward, we will utilize the advantages of conventional group education and online education to implement occupational safety education. I would like to create a working environment that will lead to the realization of our founding philosophy.
Company Profile
Since its founding in 1966, CSP has grown as a comprehensive security company by developing businesses such as security, crime prevention, disaster prevention, and information security. As risks and customer needs diversify with the changing times, we provide security services that incorporate the know-how and cutting-edge technology that we have cultivated since our founding to protect the safety and security of our customers’ lives. In order to continue, we are constantly exploring and creating new ways of security. Through the provision of high-quality security services, we aim to make a leap forward to become an “omnipotent security company” and contribute to society by building an environment where many people can live with peace of mind. About LaKeel Online Media Service
This is a video-based educational service for companies that solves the problems of e-learning, such as “the usage rate does not increase as expected, and the effect is not as good as expected”. The animation content produced based on the learning theory TPACK has a high learning effect, and it is made into micro content of about 2-3 minutes per piece, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, such as during breaks in daily work or during breaks. . “LaKeel Online Media Service” offers a cutting-edge learning method called “blended learning” that achieves -learning points- to -learning lines- and achieves higher results.
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