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Lambs Marks Co., Ltd. What is “Medicated Deo 35 Plus”, a spray for anti-aging odors recommended by mom inf luencers? The 3rd installment of the popular CM series “Halloween Edition” is now available!

Ramsmarks Co., Ltd.
What is “medicinal Deo 35 Plus”, an anti-aging spray recommended by mom influencers? The 3rd installment of the popular CM series “Halloween Edition” is now available!
Three-child mom influencer “Mikko Nee-san” with about 90,000 SNS followers also participates!

Ramsmarks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichiro Masumura), which develops trouble-improving products, has steadily increased sales of “Medicinal DEO 35 PLUS+”, an anti-aging odor spray for dads and moms. there is
Due to the popularity of the web commercial series that proposes countermeasures against aging odors for dads and moms, a new “Halloween edition” will be distributed.

Medicinal Deo 35 Plus “Halloween Edition” WEB CM in collaboration with mom generation influencers and elementary school idols
[Image 1

Click here for the special page that summarizes the video Following the popular “Yukata edition”, the release of “Halloween edition” has been decided to prevent people from forgetting the anti-aging odor in autumn.
In this series, Mama influencers such as “Mikko Nee-san”, who boasts a total of about 90,000 followers on SNS, and “Yuna”, a junior high school model who is active as an egg girls, will participate. We recommend “Medicated Deo 35 Plus”, which is a reassuring ally against odors, for dads and moms and those who are worried about aging odors and want to take care of them early.

■ Influencer Mikko Nee-san
[Video 7:]

■ Junior high school student Rui ALEX
[Video 8:]

■Model Yuana
[Video 9:]

■ Kid’s Idol Fuua
[Video 10:]

■ Idol Akane P
[Video 11:]

Does aging odor increase in autumn? !
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After the summer when you sweat profusely just by going outside and it gets cooler, your metabolism naturally slows down and your “sweat lines” work less well.
As a result, waste products tend to accumulate in the sebaceous glands, and “nonenal”, which is the cause of aging odor, is likely to occur.
When the seasons change, the body can easily feel stress due to the difference in temperature, and wearing too many clothes can make you sweaty.
Summer is over and we tend to let our guard down, but in fact, we still need to take measures against odors in autumn.

“An epoch-making countermeasure spray that does not cause odors because it does not cause odors!”

[Image 3

Ramsmarks Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures anti-aging odor spray “Medicinal DEO 35 PLUS+ (quasi-drug)”, which contains ingredients that suppress the generation of “nonenal”, the cause of aging odor. Suppresses aging odor all day long.
Just one spray after taking a bath completes anti-aging odor. When spraying, you will be healed by the refreshing scent of grapefruit and peppermint.

Dr.Deodorant(R) (Doctor Deodorant)
Medicinal DEO 35 PLUS+ (Yakuyo Deo Sanjugo Plus)

薬用デオ35プラス(DEO 35 PLUS+)

Recommended to use with soap!

[Image 4

By using it together with Dr. Deodorant’s Medicated Alum Soap EX, From bath time at night to bath time at night the next day, it exerts a deodorizing effect all day long.

In addition to the two active ingredients, it contains alum, which has been used as a deodorant since ancient times and has excellent antibacterial, antiperspirant, and deodorant properties, and an ingredient with excellent antioxidant properties. Suppresses unpleasant aging odors all day long.
Dr.Deodorant(R) (Doctor Deodorant)
Medicated Alum Soap EX (Yakuyo Alum Soap EX)

薬用 ミョウバンせっけん EX

Click here for usage

[Video 12:]

STEP 1. “Medicated Alum Soap EX”
When taking a bath, thoroughly wash the whole body with medicated alum soap EX, such as the back of the neck where oiliness is a concern, the back of the ears, the scalp, the area around the chest, and the nostrils where oil tends to accumulate, to sterilize the cause of odors. It washes away the aging odor from the body.

STEP 2. Medicated DEO 35 PLUS+, an anti-aging odor spray
After taking a bath, apply 2-3 pushes all over the body, such as the back of the neck where oiliness is a concern, the back of the ears, the scalp, the area around the chest, and the nostrils where oil tends to accumulate.

Performer information (titles omitted; in no particular order)

Mikko sister (influencer)

Rui ALEX (junior high school student)

Yuana (Model)

Fua (Kids Idol)

Akane P (Idol)
[Image 5d48167-11-f5e559b77a71978e511d-8.jpg&s3=48167-11-377bcd5a9236b2cc869502dbc4d12ec8-479x479.jpg
■ Rams Marks Co., Ltd.:
■Dr.Deodorant (R) Medicinal DEO 35 PLUS+:
■ Dr.Deodorant (R) Medicated Alum Soap EX:
■ Contact:
■ TEL: 03-5483-3312 (reception hours: 9:30 to 18:30 weekdays)

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