Lana Router Co., Ltd. #Furisode gram Saitama Kitaageo store conspicuous gal-style flashy kimono Yuchami model gal kimono rental start

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
#Furisode gram Saitama Kita-Ageo store A flashy gal-style furisode Yuchami model gal furisode rental now available

#Furisode gram Higashisapporo store
〒003-0002 Hokkaido Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Higashi Sapporo 2-jo 2-4-21 Lamer Sapporo 2F
#Furisode gram Niigata location
2-1-6 Dekishima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture 950-0962 025-288-5593
#Furisode gram (Saitama Kitaageo location)
〒362-0015 3-3-11-2 Midorigaoka, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture PAPA Ageo Shopping Avenue B Building 2F
Official website
[Image 1d69555-1049-cecc143965ad9e188cf0-3.png&s3=69555-1049-5b07cedf7532680c3159f52f8fd71391-926x1178.png
#Furisode gram Saitama Kitaageo Store Standout gal-style flashy kimono Yuchami model gal kimono will be rented from October 8th
If you want a flashy kimono, please check it out.
[Image 2d69555-1049-98f70afde4109377e1ef-2.png&s3=69555-1049-91020a51eabaf5f9222717c1c9753350-920x1266.png
[Image 3d69555-1049-6841aef06a79255e3052-1.png&s3=69555-1049-813afacfce1b170eaf9049689cdb66e4-926x1178.png
[Image 4d69555-1049-49c920f0590eb07cdedf-0.png&s3=69555-1049-663c89032e1d3ab86613d6e196884472-934x1228.png

Lovers Co., Ltd. (Business alliance: I’ma Co., Ltd.)
Date of birth
September 8, 2001
Length: 175cm
blood type
Type A
Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
body make-up, golf
special skill
TikTok, chatting, mantis running

Yuchami, who became a new adult this year, talked about her
aspirations, commenting, “I’m happy. It’s the first step to becoming an adult!! I want to deliver a new Yuchami to everyone!!!” To the question, “What kind of adult do you want to be?”, “Even when I grow up, I want to be a gyaru-mind and make the world happy. I want to spread the gyaru-mind and make everyone smile!! Aisa. I’ll do my best to become a gal who can be a girl!!!!”
Regarding this year’s resolution, he said, “I want to do a lot of work! As I’ve become an adult, I think the range of my work will increase, so I want to try various things!! As you know, I will power up more and run so that I can shine even more!!!!!” (quoted from Oricon News)

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