Latest part-time jobs for modern high school students Many hospitality businesses such as “apparel staff” and the hot topic “con cafe” are ranked in the top 10 part-time jobs that you want to try!

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[Latest part-time jobs for modern high school students] Many hospitality businesses such as “apparel staff” and the hot topic “con cafe” are ranked in the top 10 part-time jobs that you want to try! What is this month’s next trend “Wonjungyo”? High school student latest trend 2022 autumn cold! Shibuya Trend Research

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For 30 years, ING Co., Ltd., which has provided marketing and promotional support specializing in teens, conducted a trend survey on fashion-conscious high school boys and girls in the Kanto region. Based on the collected data, Shibuya Trend Research will reflect the voices of INGteens high school students who operate based in Shibuya, and announce the latest high school trends that are more real and fresh than anywhere else.
The theme of this survey is “part-time jobs.”
Do you have any part-time job experience?
No 52.0%
Yes 48.0%
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The result was that the number of people who had no part-time job experience was very large. According to the monthly pocket money survey* conducted by our company from April to May this year, there is data showing that 0 yen (not received) accounts for about 50%, and the consumption of high school students who do not make unnecessary purchases. A glimpse of the characteristics in action.
*[Latest in 2022! Investigate the shopping circumstances of high school students! ] About half of high school students have no pocket money? The gift I received recently that made me happy was a bouquet of roses! ? High school student latest trend 2022 summer! Shibuya Trend Research
Next, I also researched part-time jobs that I would like to try at least once. [Image 3

What part-time job would you like to try?
1st Place Apparel Staff 31.0%
1st place Movie theater staff 31.0%
3rd place amusement park staff 28.0%
4th Place Event Staff 25.0%
5th place cafe staff 24.0%
6th place Izakaya staff 21.0%
7th: Home tutor / cram school teacher 14.0%
8th Place: Girls Bar, Cabaret Club, Concept Cafe, Hostcast: 10.0% 8th place program extra 10.0%
10th Karaoke Staff 9.0%
10th: Convenience store staff 9.0%
10th: Bridal staff 9.0%
The first place was “apparel staff”. Reasons include, “I have a fashionable image, so if I work, I think I’ll be able to improve my sense of taste.” Many comments have been received that show the admiration for a fashionable image such as “Takara” (high school, female).
“Movie theater staff” who tied for 1st place said, “Because I have always liked watching movies.” There were comments such as high 2 girls).
3rd place goes to “Amusement park staff”. In the comments, there are many people who choose it because “I want to see the customers’ smiles” (high school girl) and “I like Disney and the uniform and world view are cute” (high school girl). did.
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“Apparel staff” was the most popular among both men and women. It seems that there is a tendency to choose work = work that involves customer service, and the result is that “apparel staff” and “movie theater staff”, which are seen on a daily basis, are ranked high. In addition, “Girls Bar, Cabaret Club, Concept Cafe, Host Cast” ranked in at 8th place, and there were some voices saying, “I like anime, so I want to work in cosplay”, and it is a hot topic on SNS. From the influence of manga and dramas such as “Tomorrow, I’m Someone’s Girlfriend”, I found that there are a certain number of high school girls who want to see the world at night.
The results showed that the points for choosing “part-time jobs you want to try” were more interested in status and admiration than in terms of hourly wages and ease of commuting to work.
Next is the results of the survey on the criteria for actually choosing a part-time job.
What are your criteria for choosing a part-time job?
1st place High hourly wage 53.0%
2nd Place: Shift flexibility 38.0%
3rd Place Workplace Atmosphere and Human Relationships 36.0% 4th commute time 35.0%
5th place Degree of freedom in appearance 22.0%
6th Workload 17.0%
6th: Interest in work content: 17.0%
8th: Ease of making friends and lovers 4.0%
9th place Will it be a social experience 1.0%
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The results showed that both men and women place the greatest emphasis on “high hourly wages.” For high school students in an environment where it is easy to naturally belong to the community even if they do not act voluntarily, the image of part-time work as a place to meet people is thin as a base, and it seems that there is a strong impression that it is just a place to earn money.
Finally, there is a corner where high school students will announce the “next trend” they will pick up.
What do you think will be popular next?
Thing (character) “Leena Bell”
Duffy & Friends’ new friend “Lina Bell”. The charm point is that the big fluffy tail is too cute, and it is gaining popularity mainly among high school girls.
Things (cosmetics) “Wonjungyo”
A cosmetic brand supervised by Won Jong-yo, a makeup artist who is in charge of top Korean idols and actresses. It has become a hot topic since sales started at PLAZA nationwide from October.
[What is Shibuya Trend Research]
Since 1995, we have conducted monthly face-to-face questionnaires targeting high school girls who visit the streets of Shibuya. Since 1998, the survey area has been expanded to the three cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. For more than 30 years since its founding in 1990, we have been conducting research on trend-sensitive teens and providing survey data to the media and companies. Currently, we conduct monthly surveys of fashion-conscious high school boys and girls, and provide easy-to-understand explanations of the latest trend information, the factors behind trends, and trends.
[Survey overview]
Survey theme: Trend survey on part-time jobs
Survey target: High school students (15-18 years old) Male to female ratio (5:5) Survey period: September 16 (Friday) to September 30 (Friday), 2022 Survey method: WEB questionnaire survey
Number of valid responses: 100 people
[Quoting and reprinting of this survey result (image)]
When quoting or reprinting part of this survey, please include both “Shibuya Trend Research” and the URL ( as the source.

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