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LeanGo Co., Ltd. Mail order communication ECMO PITCH free online seminar CVR improvement rate 140%! The rational site improvement knowledge tool for sales is open to the public!

LeanGo Co., Ltd.
[Mail order communication ECMO PITCH free online seminar] CVR improvement rate 140%! The rational site improvement knowledge tool for sales is open to the public!
The application deadline for the seminar is Friday, October 13th at 17:00.
LeanGo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shoji Hirai, hereinafter referred to as our company) will hold the 2nd “Mail order communication ECMO PITCH” from 14:00 to 18:00 on Friday, October 14, 2022. Our company Kimura will be on stage at a free online seminar that summarizes this year’s trends and effective measures for the year-end sales season.

Overview of the event
Date: Friday, October 14, 14:00-18:00
Recruitment number: 100 people
Venue: Online seminar
Target: EC business owners and mail-order companies
Cost: Free
■ Seminar content
Just before the year-end shopping season, when the EC and mail-order industry is expected to see the greatest increase in sales, we will look back on this year’s trends in the EC and mail-order industry, and introduce effective measures and initiatives that should be started immediately.
■ Agenda
Part 1: “Opening Speech & Mail Order Communication ECMO
Editor-in-Chief News Letter”
~Curious news/topics/growing markets/what did the growing companies do? Takeshi Yamamoto, editor-in-chief of mail-order communication ECMO, will give a lecture titled,
Part 2: Yosuke Aoyagi, President of Kids Laboratory Co., Ltd., entitled “What are the only 3 ways to increase conversions on SNS? Free disclosure of SNS knowledge gained through consulting experience with more than 10 companies” I will give a lecture.
Part 3: In the “Sales Pitch” corner, which introduces notable services, the benefits, features, and success stories of e-commerce and mail order support services that are concisely beneficial will be introduced in 15 minutes.
■ Application URL
■ Precautions
* The application deadline is [until 17:00 on October 13].
*The viewing URL for the day will be sent from the distribution tool ZOOM the day before (10/13).
Please note that depending on the date of application, it may take some time to receive information after the application is completed. Overview of our presentation
Stage section: Part 3 “Sales Pitch” Corner 16:00-16:15
*The presentation time may change.
Presentation content: 140% CVR improvement rate on EC sites! The rational site improvement knowledge tool for sales is open to the public!
We will publish the knowledge that leads to sales improvement obtained from 1500 site improvement consultations.
We will also introduce dejam, a tool developed by Recruit and CyberAgent. Speaker: Keito Kimura, Public Relations and Marketing Department, LeanGo Co., Ltd.
What is dejam
A platform for speeding up the PDCA cycle of web marketing.
It is possible to solve many problems associated with web marketing business by performing “competitive research and analysis work of Google Analytics”, “acquisition of site improvement ideas”, “project management” and “knowledge management” in one go. . ■ Issue a free dejam account ■ Free web marketing consultation ■ Companies that have introduced dejam (titles omitted)
Proto Corporation, Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd., DIP Co., Ltd., EM Net Japan Co., Ltd., GMO NIKKO Co., Ltd., NTT DATA CCS Co., Ltd., Geo Holdings Co., Ltd., SHE Co., Ltd., Karakora Co., Ltd.
■ dejam introduction example
SHE Co., Ltd. (school business): Marco Co., Ltd. (Fashion EC business):
Karmanline Co., Ltd. (personnel matching business):
Yuwa Housing Co., Ltd. (real estate business):
Proto Solution Co., Ltd. (reception system business):
Marche Co., Ltd. (Web consulting business):
■ Function introduction
heat map
funnel analysis
GA automatic analysis (Google Analytics automatic analysis)
competitive research
design database
CRO Suggestion
improvement database
project management
dejam blog
■ Useful articles
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What are the 8 steps to make an LP? Explanation of the elements of the configuration and points to be noted
16 gallery sites that can be used as reference for design | How to make an LP that is perfect for your company
17 recommended reference sites for LP design! Introducing tips and tricks for success
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