LeanGo Co., Ltd. “We have expanded the range of customer support by incorporating LPO into web consulting. ” Marche Co., Ltd. Case study | Web marketing platform “dejam”

LeanGo Co., Ltd.
“We have expanded the range of customer support by incorporating LPO into web consulting” Marche Co., Ltd. Case study | Web marketing platform “dejam”
The client’s CVR improved immediately after the initiative and gained trust
LeanGo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shoji Hirai, hereinafter LeanGo) is a marketing support company operated by Marche Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Mizushima). We’ll let you know when it’s installed and improved.
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20221003 [Imaged55676-47-559444785183e0e08302-0.png&s3=55676-47-fd95ffe04c49b0797a079d74f27c4560-1920x1005.png
■ Business contents of Marche Co., Ltd.
Marketing consulting business specializing in new business areas https://mar-che.com/company/
■ Issues before introduction
・Development of a systematic package in LPO for maximizing the number of CVs for SEO measures and advertising measures
・Skill leveling and education for each director
・Improve profit margins and improve client satisfaction by reducing LPO report creation costs
■ Effects after introduction
・Improvement impact at the time of proposal is increased, and the accuracy of client proposal is improved
・Development of an improvement package for the company as a whole and establishment of a standardized flow
・Reduce report creation costs by 50%
■ User’s voice
Mr. Hiroki Hirashima of Marche Co., Ltd. gave us a comment.
What kind of issues did you feel before introducing dejam?
In the initial POC phase of the company, there was a sense of challenge in optimizing the LP and achieving good linkage with advertisements.
We believe that closing the LP hole will lead to maximizing the effect of all measures we will implement in the future.
I have been involved in the marketing team from the production of the LP. Especially in the verification phase, there was a lot of work, and there was a part where I could not devote time to LPO.
What kind of changes have you seen in your work since the introduction of dejam? The improvement of the client’s LP has become successful, and the verification of the advertisement / LP at the initial stage of the business has become smooth.
In particular, Leango members shared the contents of the LPO that should be improved in the initial phase.
By doing that honestly, we were able to produce results immediately, which led to gaining the client’s trust. Even for LPOs where it is difficult to see results, we are now able to proceed with proper verification,
Leango, who has seen examples of various companies, gave us advice on the numbers we should aim for based on the figures of other companies in the industry, which also led to changes in our business.
What numerical improvements have you seen since introducing dejam? From our company’s point of view, we were able to reduce the number of man-hours required to create an LPO report.
Specifically, creating an LPO report that used to take less than 3 hours can now be created in less than half the time by using dejam. In addition, according to our clients, although the specific figures vary, they have repeatedly succeeded in improving their CTR, which had been sluggish until now.
As a result, CVR has also been improved, and the client is satisfied. What was the decisive factor in introducing dejam?
This is the support system for LeanGo. I honestly felt that it would be cheap if people of this level would support me so kindly and politely.
In addition, I sympathized with the thoughts of Mr. Hirai, the representative, on the service and what he thinks about the way marketing should be.
This is because we are confident that the functions we will create in the future will also grow our business.
Please tell me the recommended function of dejam
I think that the two functions, “Improvement Database” and “Create Design”, are particularly recommended.
The reason why we recommend the former is that even if you do not have LPO knowledge in your company, you can easily find clues for improvement based on the information in the “improvement database”. Originally, we were not very familiar with LPOs, and we always wondered where to start when doing LPOs.
Under such circumstances, by using the information in the “Kaizen Database” as a clue, we were able to quickly absorb the know-how and knowledge about what perspectives to look at when performing optimization.
The reason I recommend the latter is that it makes it easier to share images when explaining to clients.
When explaining the next action to the client, there were many cases where misunderstandings occurred if only text and words were used. However, by creating a rough design proposal at such times, it was very useful to be able to adjust the fine nuances.
A word to those who are considering introducing dejam
I think that the reduction in man-hours in improvement is very large, not to mention the extent of improvement. It is a tool that condenses improvement points that can be understood without a so-called AB test, so it is a recommended tool if you want to improve with a sense of speed.
Because it is a tool created by people who have actually made improvements, it is possible to incorporate what kind of information at what timing, so I think it can be incorporated into the work flow without any discomfort.
What is dejam
It is a tool that speeds up the PDCA of web marketing.
It is possible to solve many problems associated with web marketing business by performing “competitive research and analysis work of Google Analytics”, “acquisition of site improvement ideas”, “project management” and “knowledge management” in one go. .
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20221003 ■ Companies that have introduced dejam (titles omitted)
Proto Corporation, Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd., Dip Co., Ltd., EM Net Japan Co., Ltd., GMO NIKKO Co., Ltd., SHE Co., Ltd., Karakora Co., Ltd.
■ dejam introduction case article
SHE Co., Ltd. (school business): https://leango.co.jp/dejam/case/she_202111/ Marco Co., Ltd. (Fashion EC business):
Karmanline Co., Ltd. (personnel matching business):
Yuwa Housing Co., Ltd. (real estate business):
Proto Solution Co., Ltd. (reception system business):
Click here if you want to know dejam
For business companies
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20221003 For agency
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/agent/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20221003 ■ Function introduction
heat map
funnel analysis
GA automatic analysis (Google Analytics automatic analysis)
competitive research
design database
CRO Suggestion
improvement database
project management
dejam blog
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