Learn lyrics and composition online! Cafetalk “Lyrics/Composition Lesson” recruiting 10 monitors, accepting applications until October 26th

Small Bridge Co., Ltd.
Learn lyrics and composition online! Cafetalk “Lyrics/Composition Lesson” recruiting 10 monitors, accepting applications until October 26th
Recruiting free lesson monitors for Japan’s largest online lesson “Cafetalk”
Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Kotaro Hashizume), which operates the online learning site “Cafetalk (http://cafetalk.com/)” that connects instructors and students around the world, is online / We are looking for 10 monitors from October 20th to October 26th, 2022 who can try the one-on-one songwriting and composition lessons.
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online lesson free monitor
We are looking for a maximum of 10 people for free online/one-on-one songwriting and composition lessons that can be taken online via Skype or Zoom at home.
Online lesson free monitor recruitment page for learning songwriting and composition
https://cafetalk.com/campaign/monitor-extra/music/composition/oct2022/?lang=ja If you win the monitor, you will receive two tickets to try online one-on-one lessons using Skype or Zoom for free, and if you write a review after taking the lesson and let us know, you will receive a ticket for one more lesson.
It will be a popular project where you can try up to 3 lessons for 9,900 yen for free.
▼Monitor application guidelines
Recruitment period: October 20th to October 26th, 2022
Recruitment number: Up to 10 people
Application method: Apply after entering the necessary information from the application form
Target audience: Those who are interested in online songwriting and composition lessons, and those who want to try Cafetalk’s online lessons.
We are looking for a wide range of levels and ages, such as beginners, children, and seniors.
▼Cafetalk lyrics and composition lessons
Taking lyrics and composing lessons online and thinking about family members who live far away
We interviewed Mayna, who created the original song “Haruka, Kanata”. https://cafetalk.com/campaign/music/dialogue/music-composition/ ▼ Reviews from students
“Until now, I have been writing lyrics and composing songs such as pop music. Currently, I can understand simple chord progressions. This time, I started learning the piano again, so I composed a “piano song”. This is an etude titled “G major etude 001”. I asked the teacher to correct this.
Along with the music score, I sent 17 memorandum notes (a brief history of myself, impressions of composing this time, points I noticed, points I didn’t like, etc.). And I received the correction contents in PDF, but I was very happy to receive a reply to all 17 items.
In addition, I was able to find the assignments and themes for my next composition, “Etudes 002”, with the reasons and explanations of the corrected parts. When “Etudes 002” is completed, I would like to apply for this correction course again. Thank you for your continued support.
This time, thank you for your polite response, quick reply, and correction and explanation! ”
Lesson taken: ♪Let’s Composition (correction course)
https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJzL9bcMCI40CHF3K_VKtnQNMPeqLHQOtLUFAF20B2w.&lang=en “It was a short time, but I was able to consult with you very kindly. Based on your experience in the music production site, you can make various proposals while actually producing sounds on the spot, so it is very easy to understand and will be a source of future composition activities.
I would like to ask you again. Thank you very much for today. ” Lesson taken: Let’s talk about composition and arrangement course
https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJzzcQs08XELjMwtd09xSjP0CPZy9rBIt7UFAFyIB0U.&lang=en “Although I was very interested in composition and jazz, I was hesitant for a long time because I thought that talking about chords and music theory would be difficult. Even so, I can take the lessons at my own pace because they proceed slowly while checking whether I understand.”
Lessons taken: Music theory, composition and arrangement starting from the basics
https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJwzjsgyDkwLCI0MDPEoKM31LgzN9yl3tLUFAGRACBs.&lang=en Other reviews:
https://cafetalk.com/feedback/?term=lesson-music&fblang=en&term_sub=lesson-music-composition ▼ Background of free lesson monitoring
Cafetalk currently offers online lessons in a variety of categories, such as languages, music, hobbies, career advancement, fitness, and more, with instructors from more than 90 countries and regions around the world.
Recently, the way we spend our time at home has changed completely, so we are recruiting monitors in various categories every month and taking lessons so that you can easily connect with the world through your smartphone, tablet, or PC, learn, and enjoy lessons.
Monitors will post reviews after taking the course, which will be a reference for other users who are considering taking the course. It is also an opportunity to brush up on the lessons.
What is Cafetalk
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“Cafetalk” is Japan’s largest online service where you can take one-on-one online lessons from instructors in over 80 countries using Skype and Zoom, based on the concept of “adding spices from around the world to your everyday life”. This is a learning lesson site. In addition to language, we have a wide variety of online lessons such as music, fitness, dance, self-improvement, and private tutor lessons. -Online training and online lessons for corporations as a welfare program are being strengthened-
We have prepared a page for administrators who can see the attendance status of students in real time, and provide online lessons where you can feel the effects by cooperating with the instructors.
We can also support a style in which you can freely use fixed points, or a training style in which you attend a set number of times for a set period.
cafetalk vision
Connecting people around the world who want to teach and share knowledge with people who want to learn and acquire new skills. We aim to create a society in which people can learn from each other and have a more open perspective, thereby recognizing diverse values. Company Profile
Company name: Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (http://small-bridge.com) Representative: Kotaro Hashizume, Representative Director
Location: SHIBUYA SOLASTA 3F, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Customer Inquiries]
● Cafetalk support Skype: cafetalk.jp
● Feel free to contact us via chat: chat box on the bottom right of Cafetalk page
[Inquiries for media related to this release]
Small Bridge Cafetalk Secretariat: Nagata

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