L’ecole d’F French Blue Meeting Executive Committee French Blue Meeting 2022 Welcome to FBM2022 36th Year “Return and Diffusion” October 15th (Sat)-October 16th (Sun)

L’ecole d’F
French Blue Meeting 2022 Welcome to FBM2022 36th year “Regression and Diffusion” October 15th (Sat)-October 16th (Sun)

The French Blue Meeting Executive Committee will hold “French Blue Meeting 2022” on the following dates.
October 16th (Sunday) 8:00-[FBM Origin ~The origin of FBM is here~] Venue: Kurumayama Kogen parking lot A-G
October 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) 10:00-20:00 [FBM de la mer ~French Culture Festival by the Sea~]
Venue: Lagunasia in Laguna Ten Bosch
Saturday, October 15th from 12:00 to Sunday, October 16th at 14:00 Youtube channel FBM [https://www.youtube.com/c/FBMonline]
[Image 1d65935-8-8c80c023e2f877295118-0.jpg&s3=65935-8-462e5aa40e873c64ba316cd50de28c5b-1321x849.jpg
This year’s French Blue Meeting will challenge new changes while paying close attention to the spread of corona infection. Only 500 units will be available at Kurumayama, a sacred place where French car enthusiasts can simply gather to chat with old friends and meet new French fans. By doing a kind of return to the origin of FBM, we share the “core value” of FBM with our colleagues. On the other hand, FBM, which expresses a style that sympathizes with the French culture “art de vivre” such as music, movies, and food around French cars, will be held at Lagunasia, a “sea theme park” in Aichi Prefecture. This time, we would like to introduce FBM de la mer, which can be called FBM’s startup venture.
[Image 2d65935-8-d51df1b8ade59a70f411-1.jpg&s3=65935-8-1f2198025552622a9e9577bc91cc79d1-2400x1693.jpg
FBM origin ~The origin of FBM is here~
[Image 3d65935-8-03ec5bc89d278ea461e1-2.jpg&s3=65935-8-609977beb85d28397665937bf5e4530b-2400x1693.jpg
FBM de la mer -French culture festival by the sea-
FBM de la mer -French culture festival by the sea-
FBM, which was a gathering of French car enthusiasts, merged with Shibuya-kei culture in the 90’s and grew in the context of “French car x French pop culture”. Club events such as Mad Franch Cafe, which is rare in car events, collaboration with traditional French food such as the Paris Festival and Dominique Doucet’s store are also unique cultures of FBM. FBM also boasts over 80 French boutiques. Cars, music, food and alcohol. And this time fbm de la mer. The feature is “French cinema”. It is also a monumental work in the history of French cinema, and it is a work that car fans can not miss, “Man and Woman”. It is also a tribute from FBM to the leading role Jean-Louis Trintignant who passed away in June this year. This time, from this Lagunasia, “Men and Women” Le film et de la musique, a book on the theme of music and movies
We will be screening a live show with the motif of the work and the 2020 release of “Man and Woman Life’s Best Days”. 53 years after “Otoko to Onna”, the fateful love begins again… The journey in the Citroen 2CV that appears in the play is the true value of this time. What FBM tries is a concert to produce the best movie. Appearing will be FBM ambassador Reina Kitada, who is active in Japan and France, Japan’s finest accordionist Saburo Tanooka, who studied under the great master Daniel Colin, and female percussionist GRACE, who will participate for the first time this time. In addition, Mami, an artist active in Singapore, Japan, and France, will also participate. Produced by Monsieur KUGISHIMA, a family member of FBM Supreme Advisor Tatsuji Nagataki. A man and a woman for FBM fans, Le cinema et de la musique. Please look forward to it.
And of course, FBM’s friends, “Super cute Parisians Lisa and Gaspard” will come to visit us. Starting with Dominique Doucet’s canelé, there are plenty of shops that are opening for the first time. There will also be a live painting by artist Mami at the venue.
Please look forward to FBM de la mer, which is too rich.
moreover! This year, we will use FBM de la mer venue as a studio for FBM online, broadcast with FBM origin in Kurumayama Kogen, and connect with friends in Japan and around the world.
Yuko Iida, a motor journalist, connects FBM online with the world. We welcome Kotomi Hirota as a reporter.
For two days, we will connect Japan and the world with French fans. The timetable will be announced at a later date.
The ever-expanding world of FBM.
See you in Kurumayama Kogen, in Lagunasia, and online.
We are waiting for you at FBM!
History of FBM
Since 1987, the French Blue Meeting (FBM) has been held for the 36th time this year as an exchange event for French car fans. Until 2019, it was held for two days at the Kurumayama Plateau in Nagano Prefecture, with a total of 3,000 vehicles and more than 6,000 people visiting, making it the largest French car festival in Japan. . At the venue, not only cars but also French art de vivre, such as music, fashion, and food, can be enjoyed together. Since 1995, we have been sponsored by the French Embassy and are also partners of the “World Medical Corps” Medecins du Monde https://www.mdm.or.jp/.
However, after the corona disaster in 2020, the event was changed to online and aired on youtube for two days in 2020 and 2021 on FBM online.
And this year, we will pay close attention to the spread of infection and hold a real event. On the other hand, the situation in Kurumayama has undergone a big change in the last two years. It became difficult to use the whole plateau for two days like before, and to operate together with the local Chino city. Therefore, this year we have decided to hold a simple FBM origin where only cars gather and FBM de la mer centered on FBM entertainment at two locations, and connect them with FBM online.
[Image 4d65935-8-bcdd9ca5c4be6d330bde-3.jpg&s3=65935-8-c17f74e409011d96d152187639b4b83d-960x720.jpg
[Image 5d65935-8-951d7aae16600b093a71-4.jpg&s3=65935-8-51a009996c0bb7e93f8ed8eb11972203-2048x1152.jpg

[Image 6d65935-8-c0bb0eb9f884ca6c82d6-5.jpg&s3=65935-8-fc4be3dde5195087aff66abeb157f929-2048x810.jpg
[Image 7d65935-8-d3963772da433f17fc23-6.jpg&s3=65935-8-ff47298b9e859601f678726ec666e9cb-2048x1368.jpg

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