Lecture by Mr. Hiroei Ori “Failure is Possibility – To the young people who will lead the future”

Lecture by Mr. Hiroei Ori “Failure is Possibility – To the young people who will lead the future”

We invited Mr. Hiroei Ori, CEO of LA DITTA Co., Ltd., which is expanding a wide variety of businesses globally, and held a Waksel lecture. How have you learned from your failures and expanded your business? We talked about the secret.
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Social business community Waxel (sponsored by Yoshihiro Shimamura) invited Mr. Hiroshi Kosato, CEO of LA DITTA Co., Ltd., as a lecturer on Monday, September 5th. We held an online lecture.
The theme of this year’s lecture is “Failure is Possibility – For the Young People who Will Lead the Future”.
After graduating from Oxford University, Ori worked in marketing for Virgin Group and Dyson in the UK before establishing LA DITTA Co., Ltd. in 2006. While expanding our business globally in India, Singapore, Europe, etc., we also support inbound strategies and overseas expansion of local governments such as Yamagata and Fukushima.
Currently, we are focusing on India in particular, and are working on multiple projects such as a sushi home delivery business and events for 100,000 people.
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Those who are starting a business or thinking of becoming independent Those who are interested in doing business overseas
Those who are thinking about multi-business development and business continuity Those who want to succeed in their own business and realize their dreams [Lecture contents]
Reasons for developing a wide variety of businesses
How I started doing business in India
The secret to running a successful business
Important things for business continuity
If you would like to know more about the contents of the lecture, please see the lecture report below.
■Hakuei Kosato / Harry’s profile
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Hakuei Kosato IBDP BSc (Econ) MSc (Oxon) MA FRSA
CEO of LA DITTA SINGAPORE. Born in Kobe in 1971.
Global parallel entrepreneur, social psychologist. 1992 BA in Social Psychology from the University of London (LSE) and 1993 MA in Social Welfare Psychology from Oxford University. British tax accountant. Founded LA DITTA Co., Ltd. in 2006 after working as a marketing manager for the British Virgin Group and Dyson. Entered India in 2007. Proceed with multiple projects such as India’s first sushi home delivery business and events for 100,000 people. Experienced as the youngest president of an international school in Japan. Received the Good Design Award and set a Guinness World Record (the world’s largest sushi mosaic). 2nd Master in Applied Business from SBS Swiss Business School in 2022. Currently, while continuing to work, he continues to study Japanese long-established companies with the aim of obtaining a doctorate at the same school.
Living in Mumbai, Singapore.
Jim Rogers’s book “Warning to Japan: Insight into the movement of people and money from the drastic changes in the US, China and the Korean Peninsula” (Kodansha +α Shinsho), “Era of crisis: The future of the economy and money told by a legendary investor” ( Nikkei BP) is involved in coverage, translation and supervision. This book is the first author.
■ Social business community “Waxel”
Waxel is a social business community that continues to give people dreams through collaboration. We will continue to create a community where people who continue to learn, challenge, grow and achieve in a healthy way gather one after another.
By collaborating with celebrities, managers, and creators who are active in various fields, we will carry out the following initiatives and content production.
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・Online lecture
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