LegalForce Co., Ltd. LegalForce implementation example Chuo University-launched venture company “Solaris C o., Ltd.” introduces AI contract screening platform “LegalForce”

LegalForce Co., Ltd.
[Case Study of LegalForce Implementation] Chuo University Venture Company “Solaris Co., Ltd.” Introduces AI Contract Screening Platform “LegalForce”
~ Cut the time required for contract review in half. The sense of security that “it is possible to check without omission” is also a big effect ~

LegalForce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nozomu Tsunoda, hereinafter referred to as LegalForce) introduced the AI ​​contract screening platform “LegalForce” to Chuo University’s venture company “Solaris Co., Ltd.”.

Mr. Koji Yamane, Director and CFO of Solaris Inc.
Background of introduction of “LegalForce”
・Two people are responsible for overall corporate operations. We do not have a full-time legal affairs representative, and we are working concurrently with accounting and general affairs. The main legal work is examination and drafting of contracts.
・As the business entered the “commercialization phase” from the “research phase,” the types of contracts handled expanded.
・Prior to the introduction, we searched for contract templates on the Internet, but the problem was that we could not use them with confidence. Introduced to use the “LegalForce template”.
Effect of introducing “LegalForce”
・Work time required for contract review is halved. In addition to shortening the time, it was also a great effect that I felt a sense of security that “I was able to check without omission”.
・“LegalForce template” supervised by a lawyer reflects the latest laws and regulations, so you can use it with confidence.
・By using the “version control” function, even if multiple people are involved, the chronological order of revision history can be managed correctly, reducing confusion about which file is the latest version. Solaris Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・Company name: Solaris Co., Ltd.
・Business description: Commercialization, manufacturing and sales of soft robotics using pneumatic artificial muscles
・ Location: 1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, on the Korakuen campus of Chuo University
・Company establishment: September 29, 2017
・Number of employees: 9
・ Capital: 50,000,000 yen (as of August 2022)
・Representative: President Kiyoshi Umeda
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The time required for contract screening has been cut in half. (
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■ What is the AI ​​contract screening platform “LegalForce” (URL: )?
“LegalForce” automatically compares contracts with checklists for each type of contract using technologies such as natural language processing, and instantly presents omissions in clauses and excesses and deficiencies in clauses to prevent omissions and oversights. With the core function of contract management, research, editing, composition, knowledge sharing, project management, new/old comparison table creation, contract number tally, etc., functions that
simultaneously improve the quality and efficiency of contract work. is installed. About two years after the official version was launched in April 2019, as of March 2022, more than 2,000 companies and law firms are using it with paid contracts.
■ What is the AI ​​contract management system “LegalForce Cabinet”? (URL:
A system that automatically creates a contract database and automates the management of signed contracts by utilizing the natural language processing technology and machine learning technology cultivated in the AI ​​contract screening platform “LegalForce”. Simply by uploading the contract, it will automatically transcribe, extract the contract information (“title”, “contract date”, “contract party name”, “contract start date, end date”, etc.) and store it in a searchable database. It is possible to control the contract risk at the same time as realizing the centralized management of the contract.
■ About LegalForce Co., Ltd.
LegalForce Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 by two lawyers from major law firms. We develop and provide software that improves the quality and efficiency of corporate legal affairs by combining our unique AI technology and the legal knowledge of lawyers. We are also
contributing to academic fields, including joint research with Kyoto University. We have been providing the official version of the AI ​​contract screening platform “LegalForce” since April 2019 and the AI ​​contract management system “LegalForce Cabinet” since January 2021. [LegalForce Co., Ltd.] (URL:
・Company name: LegalForce Co., Ltd.
・Location: 6F Toyosu Front, 3-2-20 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061 ・Representative: Nozomu Tsunoda, Representative Director
・ Business: Research, development, operation and maintenance of software related to contract work
・Capital, etc.: 17.85 billion yen (including capital reserves, as of June 2022)

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