LEGIKA Editing and production support for Seikatsu Teiten Data Comic by Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living

Editing and production support for Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living “Seikatsu Teiten Data Comic”
Data-based cartoon representations of young people in 1992 and 2022
LEGIKA (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Fumie Kozaki; hereinafter “LEGIKA”) is a think tank and Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (hereinafter “Lifestyle Research Institute”) of Hakuhodo Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo). Research Institute”) published “Data Comic If you draw the “young people” of that time and now based on data. 2022/1992” (hereinafter referred to as “Data Comic”). “Data Comic” is published to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the long-term time-series survey “Seikatsu Teiten”. The characteristics of are expressed in manga.
LEGIKA was responsible for coordinating the creation of manga works based on the viewpoints of Life Research Institute, and was
responsible for the editing and production direction of the manga parts. In addition, Taku Sakamoto, a graduate of LEGIKA’s manga artist development project “Tokiwaso Project”, and current participant Ayako Hatria, are the authors in charge of data comics.
In this project, we aim to make it easier for many people to imagine the social changes indicated by the data by turning the vague information of survey data into a manga that is a set of stories and visual expressions. The data comic will be released free of charge on the official website of Life Research Institute from October 11, 2022. Public URL:
[Image 1d55034-19-962a39a677fceec5c208-3.png&s3=55034-19-88eca7598596589b6f77c7ba71acd31d-1200x799.png
◆Specific data examples taken up on this site
good at skiing and snowboarding
About 42.0% of men in their 20s in 1992
(Reference: About 8.6% of men in their 20s in 2022)
[Image 2d55034-19-c672a353e66d44be2a50-1.png&s3=55034-19-dd5740888f2892443b24aae2e02975c9-1200x780.png
i want a lover
About 20.4% of men in their 20s in 1992
(Reference: About 13.1% of men in their 20s in 2022)
[Image 3d55034-19-9bcbfa6a0757dd276a97-2.png&s3=55034-19-eaf3370b7ef9e29f346029b4d40e75f0-1200x778.png
“We in our 20s in 2022” feature data
I often give presents to my friends, even if there is nothing special about them I want to spend money on my savings
Information is mainly obtained from SNS
Feeling stressed or frustrated about your future
I don’t mind eating out alone, etc.
◆ What is Seikatsu Teiten?
This is a long-term time-series survey that has been conducted every two years since 1992 by HIL.
In order to observe changes in consumers’ awareness and behavior, we asked 3,000 men and women aged 20 to 69 about 1,400 multifaceted questions.
Almost all data from the fixed-point survey is available online free of charge, displayed graphically in an easy-to-understand manner, and introduced from various perspectives.
Seikatsu Teiten website:
What is LEGIKA’s strategic manga production business?
[Image 4d55034-19-f5fc2a02699d98225214-4.png&s3=55034-19-87a7ed017907178a0d935ae2e1046a1d-3473x1419.png
LEGIKA operates the “Tokiwa-so Project” (currently 72 participants), a project to nurture manga artists through housing, and has produced more than 130 professional writers. Currently, while utilizing the human network of the Tokiwa-so Project, we are expanding the business “Regica Studio” that strategically solves the problems faced by corporate groups through manga expression.
[Image 5d55034-19-53569606e04fa674da08-7.jpg&s3=55034-19-0326e5b2b18dc789f9b53b5d3e386f6b-2560x1921.jpg
“Tama Tokiwaso Danchi”, the largest base of the “Tokiwa-so Project” (53 rooms in total)
At REGICA STUDIO, we use a business consulting method to approach problems and implement solutions for client organizations. The director in charge of manga production will be staff who have worked on the front lines of business at a general company.
Regica Studio Website:
◆ Artist profile
Taku Sakamoto
A graduate of the Tokiwaso Project. In 2014, “Cleanliness Boys! Aoyama-kun” debuted as a manga artist. In 2017, it was made into a TV animation and was broadcast nationwide. Other works “Fukufuku people”. What he believes in is “human goodwill”, “love” and “money”. hatoriyako
Participant of the Tokiwa-so Project. In 2017, the one-shot work “Suzuki and Yamada. ”, “Snail Melting” and “○ no Kioku” won the Afternoon Four Seasons Award and Special Award. Currently, the first book “Midnight Visitor -Hatoria Ayako Works-” is on sale. What I want now is “luck”, “stable life” and “happiness”.
◆ About LEGIKA
[Image 6d55034-19-0e50555573f918fc86c7-5.png&s3=55034-19-c454864a4507c80baac65bf8eb8b5e5a-3615x1418.png
Organization name: Specified non-profit organization LEGIKA (name: LEGIKA) Location: 〒141-0001 5-5-15 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Osaki Bright Core 4th floor SHIP
Representative: Chairman Fumie Ozaki
Established: October 30, 2009 (establishment registration date) URL: https://www.legika.jp/
Group vision: Developing a message design business that draws out the latent appeal of companies and groups and incorporates them into manga expressions, and a community design business that develops human resource capabilities through group interaction. We will realize social change by creating an environment and means where we can share our true feelings.
Business description: Strategic business manga production business “Regica Studio”, manga artist training business “Tokiwaso Project”, shared student dormitory business “Chelsea House”, planning and producing student dormitories in collaboration with the community, etc. .
Details about this release:


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