Let’s study society while playing! A “homework cafe where you can experience business” will open in Higashi- Osaka in January 2023.

Let’s study society while playing! A “homework cafe where you can experience business” will open in Higashi-Osaka in January 2023. Both children and adults can participate. A cafe where you can have a real social experience at a candy store

MACHICOCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture / Representative Director: Kayo Toya) will collaborate with students from Kinki University and Kyoto University of the Arts to open a “homework cafe where children can experience business” in 2023. It will open in January.
Children are unable to play outside with their friends due to the effects of the corona virus, and the opportunities for communication with others have drastically decreased. During the growth process, I lost a lot of opportunities when I needed to “experience, remember, and learn.” For the future of such children, we will create a homework cafe where you can experience and learn about society.
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The “homework cafe where you can experience business” is an open space where children can easily gather. The image is a Showa candy shop. There is an auntie in the shop, and it is a space where you can casually hang out and talk to her. It is a real experience space where you can not only buy cheap sweets, but also do your homework and learn about business and manufacturing while playing.
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Characteristics of homework cafes where you can experience business 1. Real store experience
(business experience)
The staff at the candy store in the homework cafe are children. The children will manage the store, including sales, purchasing products, setting prices, and attracting customers. The owner of the candy shop is the representative of MACHICOCO. The knowledge necessary for business will be taught by the owner who is an active merchant. You can experience and learn about society from “real shops and play games” that you can not experience at school.
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2. You can do homework with your friends
“I’m having trouble getting on with my homework at home.”
Homework is the hardest part of any family.
Homework Café promises to finish your homework no matter what you do. To experience it, you have to finish your homework. Having friends can make difficult homework fun.

3. Parents can also feel the growth of their children
 The first floor of the homework cafe will be a cafe that can be used by the general public.
Adults can also use it, and you can see the children working hard in a different way while having a cup of tea with their mom friends. By giving children a real social experience, it will help parents worry about raising children.
Background of the launch
Due to the influence of the corona misfortune, the opportunity for children to play outside has decreased. At the same time, there are fewer opportunities to shop for oneself, and it is becoming impossible to have social experiences in everyday life. In addition, there is no place for children to gather together, and they can no longer play. Seeing such a situation, a fair will be held in July 2022 at the suggestion of a student. About 250 children came to play at this event. When I took a survey there, I got this result.
・Questionnaire results
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Other opinions
・It would be nice to have experience working as an adult.
・I am grateful and relieved that there is a place where children can freely gather in an environment where adults are present other than at school.
・I want you to have an experience where you can learn about money because you have fewer opportunities to buy things with your friends using your pocket money.
・I’m so sad that the candy store is gone. There is nowhere to go to buy sweets. ・I would be happy if you could experience the work.
・I want children to become imaginative children by experiencing things such as manufacturing.
・I want you to exhibit and sell things that everyone created In response to such opinions, we decided to create a “homework cafe where you can experience business” as a project that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by parents.
About Homework Cafe
【Business day】
Monday to Saturday 15:00 to 18:00 Reservation system for time slots every 30 minutes
Ticket system
16 pieces 8,250 JPY (incl. tax)
(550 yen once)
A drink is included with each entry.
In order to experience it, “finishing homework” is a major premise. After completing your homework, you can experience working as a clerk at a candy store.
There is a homework check point card, and if you accumulate points, you can You will receive a present.
Homework cafe, another theme
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Kayo Toya, the representative of MACHICOCO Co., Ltd., is the daughter of a town factory who grew up in a town factory. For 17 years, I have been involved in manufacturing at a town factory, and by entering the site and experiencing the work of the manufacturing industry in real life, I have felt the importance of connections and relationships with people, and the joy of the world of manufacturing. A parent who has raised three children himself. I want my children to grow up to be independent and able to think and act on their own, so I have given them a variety of experiences. Experience is an asset. Since there are fewer opportunities for children to experience things due to the pandemic, we believe that it is necessary for adults to create such opportunities, and we are promoting activities to expand the opportunities for children to experience things.
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Students from Kinki University and Kyoto University of the Arts. This project was launched after they visited MACHICOCO for the purpose of interviewing the management.
Through this project, I am gaining experience as a working member of society who is serious about launching a business. Through trial and error, they came up with a plan to contribute to the local community. They are working on launching a business to create a place for children to experience and learn about the structure of society. the next deployment
The “homework cafe where you can experience business” is a place for local communication, and we would like to systematize it as a place where you can learn about society through experience, and expand it nationwide.
We plan to create a system that raises children through human connections, similar to the image of candy stores in the 1980s. We will release the education for children to be able to think and move on their own as a place to learn from “real play”, and after that we will develop this system not only in Higashi-Osaka but also in many other areas.
【project overview】
Project name |College students enliven Higashi-Osaka! I want to make a homework cafe where children can experience business!
URL |http://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/614872
Target amount |300,000 yen
Application period |Sunday, October 2, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022 【Company Profile】
Company name: MACHICOCO Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-5-4 Mikuriya, Higashiosaka City
Representative: Kayo Toya
Phone: 06-6720-8735
email: inquirymail@machicoco.co.jp
URL: https://www.machicoco.co.jp
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
Representative: Kayo Toya
email: inquirymail@machicoco.co.jp
TEL: 06-6720-8735 FAX: 06-6720-8736

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