Levi Strauss Japan Co., Ltd. Levi’s (R) Launches the Next Iteration of Buy Better, Wear Longer

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Levi’s(R) Launches the Next Iteration of Buy Better, Wear Longer
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Continuing from last year, Levi’s (R) will launch its second “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign on October 7, 2022. Levi’s(R) launched the campaign last year with a sustainability mission to create jeans that consumers can wear for decades, rather than making clothes that consumers only wear for a few seasons.
To support the campaign, we projected a short film on the story of various generations wearing a single Levi’s (R) jeans across the ages. This film depicts the life of Levi’s (R) icon 501 (R). Over the decades, the 501(R), which has adapted to the style of the times while becoming part of the owner’s lifestyle at that time, is still in the current style as it was in the 1960s. You can wear it with
“This campaign movie expresses the history and durability of a pair of Levi’s (R) jeans, and the fact that Levi’s (R) has been loved by a wide range of audiences around the world. (R) jeans age beautifully the more you wear them, and with just a few repairs and
customizations, the next generation can pass on their charm.Timeless, versatile, and fashionable. This message was already present in Levi’s® even before we started thinking about how we can contribute to a more sustainable future.- Karen Riley-Grant Global Chief Marketing Officer)
The “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign is both our hope and our promise. It encourages consumers to be more intentional in their purchasing decisions and explore ways to re-wear, reuse, and keep their clothes as long as possible and pass them on to the next generation. And we are fully committed to being responsible stewards of the natural resources we use in our products, innovating our design and manufacturing platforms to make them more sustainable, and implementing more circular product process practices. We are committed to continuing our commitment to all facets of the brand, with a focus on
Climate, consumption and community are at the heart of our approach to sustainability and Levi’s(R) promotes various initiatives to support this vision. Investing in materials such as cottonized hemp and organic cotton that reduce water consumption, developing Waterhttps://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000089.000046510.html


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