LEXUS PR Secretariat “Ethereal Cycles,” an installation work that makes you feel “nature” in space through heat, light, and sound, will be on display from Friday, October 28

LEXUS PR Secretariat
Installation work “Ethereal Cycles”, where you can feel the “nature” in the space with heat, light, and sound, will be exhibited from Friday, October 28th
Created by Natura Machina, an art collective centered on Yasuaki Kakei, Mikhail Mansion, and Kuan-Ju Wu An art installation that uses electricity to provide viewers with a new experience

INTERSECT BY LEXUS -TOKYO will exhibit “Ethereal Cycles,” a spatial installation of thermoacoustics and light from October 28, 2022 (Friday) to January 25, 2023 (Wednesday).
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Ethereal Cycles Exhibition
The works are created by Natura Machina, an artist collective that develops media art works on the theme of newly discovered “nature”, connecting with the surrounding environment through mechanical devices. This new work “Ethereal Cycles” is a large-scale installation work based on the thermoacoustic conversion phenomenon called Reike tube, which converts thermal energy into air vibration, which they have been working on in recent years.
In the exhibition space, a group of glass cylinders suspended from frames are arranged in a grid pattern, and when the heating wires built into each cylinder generate heat along with the light, the surrounding air is drawn in from below. The cyclical changes in pressure become sound and reverberate throughout the space. Each heating wire is driven in sequence with a programmed rhythm, and the layers of light and sound move through the space in various paths. In addition, these are influenced by various factors in the surrounding space, such as the surrounding air currents, temperature, and the movement of the viewer, so they are not the same at any given moment, but are constantly changing. Through this work, viewers will be conscious of the texture of the air, the existence of the space, and the circulation of energy in the space between and around them, in contrast to the frames lined up in an orderly manner like an urban space. .
Lexus aims to realize a carbon-neutral society and create cars that meet the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers. I keep doing it. This exhibition is a new type of exhibition that offers a surprising experience to the environment through electricity. I arrived. This exhibition, which never sounds the same at any given moment, leaves a diverse impression on each person who listens to it. Enjoy the experience of expanding your horizons to the individual, space, and environment through “dialogue” with the work.
Detailed URL: [Artist Introduction] Natura Machina
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An art collective led by US-based artists and design engineers Mikhail Mansion and Kuan-Ju Wu, and interactive media researcher, artist, and professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School Yasuaki Kakehi. The Soundform series of installation works using the thermoacoustic conversion phenomenon, including this work, have been exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2019, the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Works Exhibition, and Sense Island 2021. Exhibited and won the 23rd Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Art Division Excellence Award.
[Introduction to INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO]
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“INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO” is a brand transmission base where you can experience the lifestyle conceived by LEXUS under the theme of “connecting with the city, intermingling people with people, people with cars”. In a wide range of fields, we are transmitting the luxury lifestyle conceived by LEXUS.
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