-Life Design Kabaya 50th Anniversary Project- Official Online Store Limited to Owners Opens! Selling products that add extra value to your lifestyle

Life Design Kabaya Co., Ltd.
-Life Design Kabaya 50th Anniversary Project- [Official Online Store Limited to Owners] Opens! Selling products that add extra value to your lifestyle

Life Design Kabaya Co., Ltd. (President: Kentaro Kubota /
Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture), which celebrated its 50th anniversary, has opened an “official online store limited to owners” with gratitude to its owners. This online store can be used from the owner’s exclusive LINE official account, and you can purchase products proposed by Life Design Kabaya that add extra value to your life.
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As part of our company’s 50th anniversary celebrations this year, we have opened and developed an “Owner’s exclusive LINE official account” so that you can stay in touch with the owner even after you move in. . As one of the services that can be received in it, the “online store” will open on September 7, 2022 (Wednesday). This is the first initiative for our company to develop merchandise sales, including an online store.
-Products for sale-
■ Disaster prevention related products
Since 2014, we have been handing out a “Kaba Rucksack”, which is a set of disaster prevention emergency kits, to owners as a commemorative gift at the time of handover, with the aim of raising awareness of disaster prevention among owners.
In the online store, we sell emergency food and drinks in the cover backpack, including the cover backpack, and we would like you to prepare effectively in case of an emergency by regularly checking the expiration date and replacing it. thinking about.
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■ Repair goods
A set of 10 items selected by tool professionals so that you can live comfortably in Life Design Kabaya’s home for the rest of your life. As a recommended product of our company, we set up a booth at the 50th anniversary celebration and demonstrated how to use it.
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We design life. ] concept, we aim to be a company that designs everything people live, and we are working on proposing a richer life design that is close to each individual through the creation of homes. In this online store, we would like to add products for sale from time to time to enhance the content.
▼ Deployment to owners
During our 50th anniversary visits to all owners from spring to autumn this year, we made an announcement to all owners regarding the registration and linkage of official LINE accounts exclusively for owners. In addition, in September and October this year, the “50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Festival” limited to owners will be held at two venues in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture and Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture for a total of 4 days. By providing support, we tried to spread it among owners, leading to the full-scale operation of the “online store”.
Okayama Venue (Location: Convex Okayama / Date: September 10th and 11th) [Image 4d26371-212-33aa0274ad3098eb05b8-3.jpg&s3=26371-212-c831f208c1bb1cb6cf4873ee34461ab8-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 5d26371-212-9808faf2f38d8f94d4b9-4.jpg&s3=26371-212-ed2ed67029564d51db87243fe82e7040-3900x2601.jpg
Fukuyama Venue (Location: Fukuyama Big Rose / Date: October 1st and 2nd) [Image 6d26371-212-ea73910626585108be64-6.jpg&s3=26371-212-a0afb241ec5c3e1fb3ec135c6e935ad9-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 7d26371-212-7da3cb230ebd547644c8-5.jpg&s3=26371-212-53df724070089d0f6c1276de76b4ac96-3900x2601.jpg

▼ About Life Design Kabaya
Life Design Kabaya won the No. 1 ranking in the Chinese block builder ranking for 6 consecutive years (2016-2021 Housing Sales Comprehensive Category), and the No. 1 in the number of custom-built detached housing starts in Okayama Prefecture for 8 consecutive years (2014-2021). Fiscal Year)” and “Acquisition of No.1 Hiroshima Prefecture Housing Starts (FY2021)”. (Surveyed by Housing Industry Research Institute)
Our company was established in Okayama in 1972, and currently has sales offices in Okayama, Hiroshima, Kagawa, Ehime, Hyogo, Tottori, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and Tokyo.・We are developing 39 model houses. (https://lifedesign-kabaya.co.jp/company/summary/)
Beyond the framework of the housing business, we are developing a wide range of businesses such as new building material CLT business using domestic wood, real estate business, renovation business, exterior business, international business, and special construction business. ▼Company profile
Trade name: Life Design Kabaya Co., Ltd.
Established: December 1, 1972 / Established as Kabaya Kobori Sumiken Co., Ltd. 1990/Changed company name to SxL Kabaya Co., Ltd.
2017/Company name changed to Life Design Kabaya Co., Ltd.
▼ Business content
Business related to contracting and construction of building work / Franchise chain business related to the above business / Business related to design and construction supervision of buildings / Business related to design, contract, construction and supervision of civil engineering work / Design, contract, construction and construction of renovation and exterior etc. Supervision business / Real estate sales and brokerage business / Real estate management and consulting business / Power generation using wind, solar, geothermal, etc., and electricity and heat supply business / Cleaning business / Security business / Non-life insurance agency Business related to business and life insurance solicitation/any business incidental to the preceding items
《Life Design Kabaya Co., Ltd.》
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