LIFEstyle Co., Ltd. “Sennariya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza”, the origin of mixed juice, will hold “Puri n Fair”, a retro cafe!

LIFEstyle Co., Ltd.
“Sennariya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza”, the birthplace of mixed juice, will hold a retro coffee shop “Purin Fair”!
Pudding fair held at retro cafe, the birthplace of mixed juice
LIFEstyle Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Kita-ku, Osaka) will hold the “Purin Fair” at “Sennariya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza”, featuring retro pudding with a firm and plump texture that is traditionally the main character!
[Image 1d16221-131-9c7fdc6387eff896f3b8-0.jpg&s3=16221-131-7188b517dab25b9bee8efb80ff732374-1969x1395.jpg
Pudding a la mode¥1,200
[Image 2d16221-131-5c3ec4f8bf28f33bf1f7-1.jpg&s3=16221-131-65c386a4937e669779af2aeee0422507-1969x1395.jpg
Royal retro pudding¥650
[Image 3d16221-131-2c6655ed7de35d080fde-2.jpg&s3=16221-131-988f3e46dfc1e93e0e820bf9520405bd-1395x1969.jpg
Pudding parfait ¥1,250
“Sennariya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza” will hold a “Pudding Fair” featuring retro pudding with a firm and plump texture that is old-fashioned!
“Retro Pudding”, a popular menu item at Sennariya Coffee, has been renewed. Le ♪ In response to everyone’s pudding call, I’ve grown one more size… No, I’ve grown twice! A full menu featuring the old-fashioned retro pudding with plenty of egg feeling!
A slightly luxurious “Royal Retro Pudding” pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and served with plenty of caramel sauce. “Purin a la mode” Retro pudding with seasonal fruits such as strawberries and kiwis, which is a favorite of childhood, “Purin parfait”, etc. We have a full lineup of pudding menus that everyone loves! ! Please enjoy this opportunity!
[Image 4d16221-131-5ffc63fc12b918d43c6b-3.jpg&s3=16221-131-8f27dcc8bf15f1e18ce60bc145997755-1969x1395.jpg
mini retro pudding ¥500
[Image 5d16221-131-a0a83ffeef1b3d16a9d6-4.jpg&s3=16221-131-82a43f473a0889860f1152f6e62ad888-1969x1395.jpg
Retro pudding ¥600
What is Sennariya Coffee?
[Image 6d16221-131-9fd3d140aa583cb61b1a-5.jpg&s3=16221-131-843b03f8835d1028cb7e02bc26b3d67f-1656x1302.jpg
Sennariya Coffee at the time of its founding
In 1948, the first store owner (Ichiro Tsunekawa) founded a fruit store at Janjan Yokocho in Shinsekai, Osaka.
Mixed juice is said to have started when the store owner put ripe fruit in a blender in a unique blend and offered it at the store. It has become popular among local customers who are strict about food, saying it is delicious. In 1960, it changed its business format to a coffee shop and became one of the two major menus along with “Reiko (ice coffee)”, and is still popular as “the birthplace of mixed juice”.
Store name: Sennariya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
(Sennarya Coffee Lazona Kawasaki Plaza)
Business type: Net cafe
Address: 〒212-8576 72-1 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 2nd floor
TEL: 044-589-3666
Business hours: 10:00-21:00
Closed: Depends on facility
Number of seats: 66 seats
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