Lightworks Yaskawa Electric introduces Lightworks’ learning management system “CAREERSHIP(R)” as a learning platform for sales representatives.

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Yaskawa Electric introduces Lightworks’ learning management system “CAREERSHIP(R)” as a learning platform for sales representatives.
The learning management system (LMS) “CAREERSHIP (R)” developed and provided by Lightworks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Natsuro Eguchi, hereinafter “Lightworks”) is Yaskawa Corporation. We are pleased to announce that Denki (Head office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Chairman and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara, hereinafter referred to as Yaskawa Electric) has been adopted as a learning platform for all sales representatives and sales partners of sales expansion partners.
[Background of introduction]
At Yaskawa Electric, there were issues with the convenience and the establishment of knowledge about the training system, which consisted only of group training for sales representatives and sales expansion partners nationwide. Therefore, we were considering an LMS that could solve the following two points.
・Establishment of blended learning that combines e-learning and practical training that can be taken anywhere by the target learner ・Administrators and students themselves can check the course history and grasp the progress
When selecting a specific system,
・High degree of freedom in the materials that can be created when creating original teaching materials
・Course reservations, e-learning courses, and course management can be completed in one system.
CAREERSHIP (R) was adopted as a learning platform because it satisfied the requirements and was evaluated as an optimal service from a comprehensive perspective for problem solving.
At Yaskawa Electric, in addition to approximately 1,000 employees, including employees in charge of sales and sales promotion partners nationwide, we plan to expand the use of the service to employees in the Quality Assurance Department in the future.
[In-house production of original teaching materials]
At Yaskawa Electric, we use CAREERSHIP(R)’s teaching material creation function “eStudio” to create original teaching materials that make effective use of existing materials for our products.
[Effects after introduction of CAREERSHIP (R) and future prospects] With the introduction of CAREERSHIP(R), Yaskawa Electric has made it possible to combine practical training with e-learning. We look forward to building win-win relationships that contribute to the expansion of our customers’ businesses. In addition, in the future, in order to instill an attitude of self-learning in employees, we will comprehensively prepare e-learning materials and centralize attendance management by unifying systems in all business departments. I am aiming for
Rightworks will continue to provide support to improve the learning effect at Yaskawa Electric.
-About Yaskawa Electric Corporation-
Since its establishment in 1915, Yaskawa Electric has been based on the management philosophy of “contributing to the development of society and the welfare of mankind through the execution of business.” ”, we have always supported the main business of the times. We are proposing a new solution concept “i3-Mechatronics” that integrates data utilization with mechatronics products and realizes continuous productivity improvement for our customers. We will further strengthen our core business of servo motors, controllers, inverters, and industrial robots, make the most of these technologies, further evolve mechatronics through data utilization, and realize a “new revolution in industrial automation.” We will contribute to solving the management issues of our customers.
It is an integrated learning management platform that has functions that comprehensively meet the learning management needs of large and global companies and enables strategic human resource development. 47% of the top 100 companies in listed company sales have introduced*. *According to our research as of April 2021.
-About Lightworks Co., Ltd.-
Lightworks provides learning management systems (LMS), e-learning materials, etc. that make full use of the latest ICT and unique educational methods, mainly for large companies. In this way, we will build a system that allows organizations and individuals to work together to achieve healthy growth, and support the development and readiness of human resources within companies and the improvement of service levels.
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