Limited company “Nijisanji” x “Wendy’s First Kitchen” collaboration decision!

“Nijisanji” x “Wendy’s First Kitchen” collaboration decision! We sell collaboration menus and goods using newly drawn illustrations!
Limited liability company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as DMM) will open from November 2nd (Wednesday) to December 7th (Wednesday), 2022. ), we will inform you that we will hold a collaboration campaign between Nijisanji and Wendy’s First Kitchen.
[Image 1

“Nijisanji” x “Wendy’s First Kitchen” collaboration campaign details “Nijisanji” collaboration will be held at “Wendy’s First Kitchen”! We will also sell limited original goods and collaboration menus. Special site: Due to the popularity of the first collaboration held last year, the second collaboration was held.
At Wendy’s First Kitchen and all First Kitchen stores, we will release a set of the popular flavor “Cheese Flavored Potato” and a limited original square acrylic key chain regardless of age or gender. In addition, at 7 Wendy’s First Kitchen stores and 1 First Kitchen store, “Ibrahim”, “Chihiro Yuuki”, “Latona Petit”, “Oliver Evans”, “Rain Patterson”, and “Leos” drawn for this time・ A menu with limited goods related to Vincent is also available.
Please enjoy the store dyed with “Nijisanji”!
In addition, limited original goods will be released at the above eight stores and “DMM mail order”. Don’t miss the collaboration goods that can only be obtained here!
(1) Collaboration potato set sale!
[Image 2

We will sell collaboration potatoes in original packages using newly drawn illustrations.
An original square acrylic key chain will be given to those who order collaboration potatoes!
[Conduct store]
Wendy’s First Kitchen nationwide, First Kitchen stores
Flavor Potato M + Square Acrylic Keychain Set 750 yen
*If you want to increase the potato size to L size, it will be +50 yen. * You cannot choose the pattern.
*Limited quantity. It will end as soon as each store is gone. *Only available for in-store purchase.
*Prices include tax.
(2) Collaboration menu with limited goods sold!
[Image 3

[Collaboration menu]
・Purisuna and omurice-loving clients are welcome! Omurice-like hamburger 1,200 yen
・I want to eat anytime, even at 2:00 or 3:00! ! Carbonara with lots of rich cheese 1,200 yen
・Invented by a former oil tycoon! Childhood lemon (milk) tea that will captivate both you and your nephew: 800 yen
・To seminar students and test subjects! ! New Invention ☆ Special Strawberry Mixed Shake 800 yen
*Collaboration menu will be sold from 10:00.
*Some ingredients are different between “Wendy’s First Kitchen” and “First Kitchen”.
*Prices include tax.
For those who order the collaboration menu, we will present one limited character illustration coaster / character illustration postcard for each collaboration menu item.
[Image 4d2581-4063-371a2cc81dfba359f20d-4.png&s3=2581-4063-b2392f738e4f0a5de41e36d43d69eba5-1730x1158.png
* You cannot choose the pattern.
*Limited quantity. It will end as soon as each store is gone. (3) Original goods sale!
[Image 5d2581-4063-15fdadca301a72b766e6-2.png&s3=2581-4063-ae3a4e9c6ceeaaddf07747550afb3001-868x1226.png
Original goods commemorating the collaboration will be sold at 8 stores only. ・Trading tin badges 14 types in total 500 yen
・Trading rubber straps 6 types in total 700 yen
・ Mini character acrylic stand 700 yen each for 6 types
・B2 half-cut tapestry: 6 types in total, 2,750 yen each
・Acrylic stand: 6 types in total, 2,500 yen each
・ T-shirt 6 types in total 2,900 yen each
*Prices include tax.
*Trading rubber straps are scheduled to go on sale in late November. * Trading products are sold at random, so you cannot choose the pattern. *Please note that there may be purchase restrictions.
Orders for goods will be sold on DMM mail order.
Reservation acceptance period
November 2nd (Wednesday) to December 7th (Wednesday), 2022
* Products will be shipped sequentially from early February 2023. Service overview & official website
Event name: Nijisanji x Wendy’s First Kitchen collaboration campaign Period: November 2nd (Wednesday) to December 7th (Wednesday), 2022 *Business days and hours may change depending on the situation of the new coronavirus.
-Collaboration menu and collaboration goods store-
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Shibuya Center Street
Address: 〒155-0031
Hakuba Building 1F, 26-11 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3476-5881
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Ikebukuro North Exit
Address: 〒171-0021
1-26-4 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5911-7721
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Yokohama Parnado
Address: 〒220-0005
1F Tino Building, 2-15-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa TEL: 045-323-0125
“First Kitchen” Ogaki Aqua Walk
Address: 〒503-8571
6-80-21 Hayashimachi, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture Aqua Walk Ogaki 2F food court TEL: 0584-83-3308
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Umeda Shibatacho
Address: 〒530-0012
Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kita Ward Shibata 2-1-1 Hankyu
Shibatamachi Building 1F
Phone: 06-6376-2939
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Kawagoe Atre
Address: 〒350-1122
105 Wakitacho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture Atre 2F
TEL: 049-229-2557
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Inage station square store
Address: 〒263-0043
Chiba Prefecture Chiba City Inage Ward Konakadai 2-3-8 Axis Building 1F TEL: 043-254-0657
“Wendy’s First Kitchen” Tachikawa From Chubu Branch
Address: 〒190-0012
2-11-2 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
TEL: 042-523-8530
*Business hours are subject to change at the request of the local government. * Currently, the number of seats is less than usual as an initiative for safety and security.
Click here for details of the collaboration campaign Contact Wendy’s First Kitchen
For urgent inquiries, please call the store directly.
What is the Nijisanji Project?
The “Nijisanji Project” is a VTuber/virtual liver project to which a wide variety of influencers belong, and aims to accelerate
next-generation entertainment through various events, sales of goods and digital content, and music production. I’m doing it.
Currently, about 150 affiliated rivers make full use of their individuality and are active on video distribution platforms such as YouTube.
About LLC
Operates, a comprehensive service site boasting 39.14 million members (*). Since its founding in 1998, it has developed more than 60 services such as video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, solar power generation, and 3D printing. We have been involved in various businesses such as entering the aquarium business in Okinawa and running a soccer club in Belgium. In addition, since 2018, we have strengthened our support for young entrepreneurs, actively developing investment through “DMM VENTURES” and M&A. Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge of new businesses while repeating change and evolution with our corporate message, “A future that everyone wants to see.”
*As of February 2022
Corporate site:
Press Kit:
Details about this release:


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