Limited company EXNOA Touch a lot and get DMM points! “Touch Contract Advance Experience” & “Touch Raid” campaigns are being held at the casual RPG “Touch Hero” for PC/smartphone browsers!

Touch a lot and get DMM points! “Touch Contract Advance Experience” & “Touch Raid” campaigns are being held at the casual RPG “Touch Hero” for PC/smartphone browsers!

DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: is a casual RPG for PC / smartphones currently accepting pre-registration ” We are pleased to inform you that we have held a “Touching Contract Preliminary Experience Event” and a “Touching Raid” campaign where you can win up to 3,000 DMM points by lottery.
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■Let’s love a lot of heroes! “Touch contract advance experience meeting” held! From October 21st (Friday), we held a “Touching Contract
Pre-Experience Event” where you can experience the “Touching Contract” that appears in “The Touching Hero”.
At the “Touch Contract Preliminary Experience Event”, cute heroes will appear and react in various ways when touched. If you love a lot, the gauge will accumulate, and when it reaches MAX, the contract will be completed.
Dedicated page for “Touch Contract Preliminary Experience Meeting”:
“Touch Hero” Official Website:
“Osawari Hero” Official Twitter: ■Distribution DMM points are determined by the number of touches! “Touch Raid” Campaign
To commemorate the holding of the “Touch Contract Pre-Experience Event”, we have started a “Touch Raid” campaign in which DMM points will be distributed according to the number of times you have completed touching.
A maximum of 3,000 DMM points will be presented to 190 people by lottery! If you complete a lot of touches, the lottery probability will increase, so let’s complete a lot of touches. There will also be a bonus day where the number of touch completions will be doubled…? !
Everyone’s touch will increase the number of distributed DMM points, so we look forward to your participation!
[Campaign period]
From Friday, October 21, 2022 to the day before release
“Touch Raid” campaign details page:
* You can participate in the “Touch Contract Prior Experience” from the above page.
■ Now accepting pre-registration! A strategy battle that you can enjoy with easy operation! What is “Osawari Hero-sama”?
Popular illustrator Benio is in charge of the original character design/supervision.
[Image 2d32953-3711-1bf2dfffb9f2c242ce53-1.jpg&s3=32953-3711-7a14113379854085c93c3d02eafcd854-650x342.jpg
In the battle, cute heroes drawn in SD rampage with cut-ins with easy operation! [Image 3d32953-3711-0691357b5af69021a41d-2.jpg&s3=32953-3711-2acc9b9ecb574bb1d19f75c30be25c4a-650x342.jpg
In addition, in the touching hero contract, you may be able to see an unexpected side of the heroes? !
[Image 4d32953-3711-98368a21a20330eb3e87-3.jpg&s3=32953-3711-5c5b9b13f1e195fd3a4dd14481f71525-650x342.jpg
▼ Official website: ▼ Official Twitter:
■ Product information
Title: Osawari Hero-sama
Genre: Dungeon RPG connected in another world
Delivery time: Scheduled to be released this winter
Platform: PC (browser version) / SP (browser version)
Price: Basic play free (with item charge)
Right notation: (C) 2022 EXNOA LLC
Details about this release:

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