Limited company Japanese food research institute Enjoy learning about “correct Japanese food”! “Japanese C uisine Ichirin” Mikizo Hashimoto and Momoyo Taniguchi, the leading expert in medicinal dishes, opened the “Gourmet Salon for Adults”

GK Japan Food Research Institute
Enjoy learning about “correct Japanese food”! “Japanese Cuisine Ichirin” Mikizo Hashimoto and Momoyo Taniguchi, the leading expert in medicinal dishes, opened the “Gourmet Salon for Adults”
Jointly held with the Toyo Gourmet Yakuzen Association

“Japanese Food Research Institute”, which carries out total production from product development using local ingredients to distribution, sales, and PR under the slogan “know food and connect food”. Mikizo Hashimoto, who has been leading the Japanese cuisine world for many years as the representative of Japanese Cuisine Ichirin, and Momoyoku Taniguchi, who continues to be active in various fields as a leading expert in medicinal dishes, as the representative of the General Incorporated Association of Toyo Gourmet Yakuzen Association. , “Adult Food Salon” will be held from February next year as “a place where you can learn about correct food in an easy-to-understand, fun and delicious way”. We are pleased to announce that a pre-lecture on the theme of “Yudofu” will be held in Mejiro, Tokyo on Sunday, November 27, 2022.
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■ Lecturer introduction
[Image 2d103948-2-4f993e46811e4d5cc620-1.jpg&s3=103948-2-7cd42e722c50edad5003822b3bd3c4d4-2098x2098.jpg
Mikizo Hashimoto Representative of “Japanese Cuisine Ichirin” He started cooking at the age of 18 and gained experience at famous restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo. In 2007, he opened “Japanese Cuisine Ichirin”. It received one Michelin star in 2009 and two stars in 2012. In July 2022, the new Japanese restaurant Ichirin will open in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. In addition to delicious food, the culture and customs that support it are also used in the food and space to provide hospitality that can be enjoyed with all five senses. Along with the flavor that comes from his skillful technique, there are also many fans who are drawn to his warm personality. He has expanded his field of activity in various fields, including media appearances such as NHK, supervision of JR East Shinkansen Gran Class snacks and cooking utensils, advisory services for local governments and appearances at events.
Momoyo Taniguchi Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association Oriental Gourmet Yakuzen Association
He became immersed in the world of medicinal foods due to his poor physical condition, and started a medicinal cooking class at home in 2009, believing that health starts from the daily dining table. With “delicious, fun and beautiful” as the most important thing, our mission is to convey the difficult-to-understand medicinal dishes to as many people as possible. We also spread veggie medicinal dishes centered on tofu and vegetables that are healthier and more
environmentally friendly. We are developing human resource development activities nationwide to convey traditional medicine and traditional food culture through medicinal dishes. Activities include media appearances, lectures, medicinal recipe development and product development for companies and restaurants. Two-time Grand Prix winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, known as the Academy Awards for recipe books. He has appeared in the media and published many books. International Chinese Doctor/Medical Registration Seller
■ “Boiled tofu” course details
[Image 3d103948-2-231077669af909b306db-2.jpg&s3=103948-2-1973bb328e966c795ad4a18b381b73b9-600x400.jpg
Date/Time: Sunday, November 27, 2022 Two-part system
Part 1: 10:30-12:30
Part 2: 13:30-15:30
Theme / How to eat delicious yudofu and sake that goes well with yudofu Membership fee/8,000 yen
Capacity / 8 people each time
Please apply using the form below.
■Overview of “Limited Liability Company Japanese Food Research Institute” [Image 4d103948-2-4c88ce1eea1ecd9bbe6b-3.jpg&s3=103948-2-6f2fbe31e8b2dc95feca2d3959b2ad74-3900x2048.jpg
We rediscover attractive ingredients and local cuisine from all over the country, and produce everything related to food, from product development and trial manufacturing to information dissemination, distribution, and sales. Through cooking classes and events at “Japanese Cuisine Ichirin”, interview videos using YouTube, etc., together with local governments, local companies, and people in the community, we will maximize the charm of the region and people through “food”. To go.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Joint company Japanese food research institute (person in charge: Onodera) 〒162-0828 3-4 Clair Kagurazaka 14 Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3F
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