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Limited Liability Company Happiino “One Mile Wear” from the environmentally friendly sustainable fashion b rand “sumigi” will be released from October 15th (Sat).

“One Miluwear” of the sustainable fashion brand “SUMIGI-Inking cloth”, which is environmentally friendly, is released on Saturday, October 15th.
Take care of yourself. That leads to a comfortable life.

Happiino (representative: Kawatune Way, Suginami-ku, Tokyo,
hereinafter, Happiino (Representative: Kawaten Way, Suginami Ward, Tokyo, Happiino, which develops the project “SUMIGI-Inking Clear” launched to help you live a rich life through “wearing”. “Happiino”) will launch a new line “One Milu Wear” of “SUMIGI-Inking Clear” on October 15, 2022 (Saturday) at the official online store.
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“SUMIGI-Ink clothing-”
Service site:
▶ URL: https: //
Shop site:
▶ URL: https: //
“SUMIGI-Inked clothing-” About Kokoro Balladas Mikiru “One Milu Wear” [Image 2d38000-7-8091581A79D7779FC623-1.jpg &s3=38000-7-58FB332C6F193942E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8E8C6D2692-714X1347.jpg
“SUMIGI-Inking Arrangement-” is a room wear as a room wear, as well as relaxing in the room, as well as a one-mile (1.6 km) walking distance, it is easy to go out. I’m not ashamed. If you can always use it as a first place where you can live with you. It was born from the thought. Like the conventional lineup of “SUMIGI-Inking clothing-“, it is made using rare natural cotton charcoal fabric, has a special texture, softness, and high durability. It is characterized by texture. Once you wear a comfortable comfort, you can’t let go.
The design is a simple, relaxing natural line that makes use of the ingredients. It is finished in a natural but presence.
The supple material is also suitable for layering, so it can be carried compactly and does not burden. Because it can be worn comfortably in all seasons, it will also lead to “living that you do not have” without wasted consumption.
“Kokoro Balladas Mikiru One Milu Wear”

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