LINE Corporation LINE and Yahoo Japan jointly hold technology conference “Tech-Verse”

LINE Corporation
LINE and Yahoo jointly hold technical conference “Tech-Verse” Held 87 sessions in 9 areas, including the data/AI area, server side, and infrastructure. Six companies from the ZHD Group will participate, the first large-scale technology event co-hosted by LINE and Yahoo!
LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Idezawa; hereinafter LINE) and Yahoo Japan Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takao Ozawa; hereinafter Yahoo! JAPAN) , November 17 (Thursday) and November 18 (Friday), 2022, the technical conference “Tech-Verse” will be held online (live streaming format). Up until now, LINE has held annual technical conferences as “LINE DEVELOPER DAY” and Yahoo as “Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Conference”. I was lucky to do it.
In addition, “Tech-Verse” will also have speakers from Z Holdings Group companies like LINE and Yahoo! Will join. Beginning with the opening session by the CTOs of both LINE and Yahoo, each company has accumulated development and research through 87 sessions
(presentations and panel discussions) in nine areas such as Data / AI, Server Side, Mobile App, and Infrastructure. We will specifically tell you about the challenges we faced, the knowledge we gained, and the cutting-edge technologies we are currently using.
On the official website released today, you can see the overview of about 80 sessions and the speakers, and we plan to release the details of the panel discussion in the future. No pre-registration is required to participate on the day, and you can watch each session directly from the official website during the event.
[Tech Verse]
・Date and time: Thursday, November 17th, starting at 11:30 and ending around 19:00
        Starting at 11:00 on Friday, November 18, scheduled to end around 19:00 ・Holding format: Live streaming distribution by LINE LIVE will be posted on the website. All sessions will be delivered in three languages: Japanese, English, and Korean.
・ Participation fee: Free
・How to watch: No pre-registration required, you can watch directly from the official website (
・Program: In addition to the opening session by the CTOs of LINE and Yahoo, 87 sessions (presentations and panel discussions) are planned. In addition, after each presentation, employees of the participating companies will appear as listeners and conduct a Q&A “+Talk” that delves into the contents of the lecture with questions from the audience.
・Session categories (number of sessions): Data / AI (22), Server Side (13), Process & Environment (11), Infrastructure (9), Mobile App (9), Web Front-end (7), Security (6) ), UX/Design (6), Blockchain (4) -Session example-
・”Scaling up and applicability of HyperCLOVA equipped with a Japanese base model” (LINE, Data / AI)
・”About CreativeTester, an AI advertisement screening system for Yahoo! JAPAN” (Yahoo, Data / AI)
・”Easier and Safer LINE app Login” (LINE, Server Side)
・”Yahoo Travel System Renewal / System Integration with” (Yahoo, Process & Environment)
・”Automation tool for migrating 1,800 MySQL instances in half a year” (LINE, Infrastructure)
・”Contributing to developers around the world by supporting the new OS of the LINE iOS app” (LINE, Mobile App)
・”Efforts to improve web performance across Yahoo! JAPAN” (Yahoo, Web Front-end) ・”UPDATE Countermeasures against Fraud-Aiming for e-commerce that everyone can feel safe” (Yahoo, Security)
・”Unification of PayPay financial brands. Efforts aimed at
standardizing styles and becoming the No. 1 financial form” (Yahoo, UX/Design)
・”Dynamic Link: Mutual use of smart contracts developed by LINE” (LINE, Blockchain)
■Opening Session: Thursday, November 17, 11:30-12:00
LINE Corporation Senior Executive Officer CTO Tomohiro Ikebe, Yahoo Japan Corporation Director Managing Executive Officer CTO Masahiko Kokubo
For both LINE and Yahoo!, the amount of data handled has increased over the past 10 years due to the expansion of users and business areas, and the technology used in their services has also evolved. At the same time, as social and internal requirements in terms of security and privacy are increasing, what kind of efforts are being made? I would like to talk about our technological strategy and vision for accelerating
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