LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd. LINE Manga The Japanese dubbing cast for the Netflix series “Kisei Supremacy”, which will be distributed from November 4th, will be voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and other gorgeous voice actors! This preview video

LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd.
[LINE Manga] The Japanese dubbing cast of the Netflix series “Appearance Supremacy”, which will be distributed from November 4th, will be a gorgeous voice actor such as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka! This preview video is also lifted

LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Shinbae / Masamine Takahashi) is an electronic comic service “LINE Manga” operated by our company We are pleased to inform you that the Japanese dubbing cast for the Netflix series “Kisei Supremacy”, which is based on the original work of , has been decided. At the same time, we have lifted the ban on this preview video dubbed in Japanese.
[Image 1d63705-191-b47dded7041e07824d45-0.jpg&s3=63705-191-5a55627442b28a0c2a682913ca970877-1500x2222.jpg
The Netflix series “Appearance Supremacy”, which is an animation of the original webtoon work of LINE Manga, which boasts a cumulative total of 8.7 billion views (* 1) worldwide, will be exclusively distributed worldwide from Friday, November 4th.
This time, the Japanese dubbing cast has been decided, and the Japanese dubbing trailer and preceding cuts have been released today. Please look forward to the world of “appearance supremacy” played by gorgeous voice actors, including Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who plays the main character Park Hyung Suk (Keisuke Hasegawa).
Prior to the start of distribution, a free campaign for 100 episodes of the webtoon work “Appearance Supremacy” will be held from October 26th (Wednesday) to November 3rd (Thursday). Please take a look at this opportunity to read it at a great price and wait for the distribution to start.
“LINE Manga” will continue to strengthen various initiatives with the aim of further developing and revitalizing the manga market. *1) As of September 2022
Japanese dubbed cast
Park Hyung Suk (Keisuke Hasegawa): Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Lee Jin-sung (Ryusei Kitahara): Wataru Urata
Lee Eun-tae (Basco): Shunsuke Takeuchi
Jin Hobin (Takahito Saitama): Daisuke Ono
Byun Deok-hwa (Toshito Kon): Tsuguo Mogami
Park Haneul (Mirei Kagawa): Saori Hayami
Kim Mijin (Mizuki Sakane): Natsu Yoda
Choi Soo Jung (Akari Nerima): Reina Aoyama
* () is the role name in the LINE manga “Appearance Supremacy”. The anime uses Korean names.
Japanese dubbed book preview video/preceding cut
This preview video URL: [Image 2d63705-191-3b972ca3d1dc49b5331c-1.jpg&s3=63705-191-2b0d2a9996ee127265c1d5807735f98e-3840x2160.jpg
[Image 3d63705-191-14b302cd26671f24b4ec-6.jpg&s3=63705-191-c66c73c21d791f86a5b084185870b279-3840x2160.jpg
[Image 4d63705-191-071daa840e65a0f94778-7.jpg&s3=63705-191-712ef03dfb131db725ea348e07b0a2ea-3840x2160.jpg

About the Netflix series “Appearance Supremacy”
Original: T.Jun “Appearance Supremacy” (LINE Manga)
Official site:
Synopsis: A high school student who has always been the outcast in a society where good looks are prized. One day, he suddenly gains another body that is completely different from his current self, and begins to live a double life going back and forth between the two bodies.
About the webtoon work “Appearance Supremacy”
[Image 5d63705-191-4a79d267a521aa34fa88-9.jpg&s3=63705-191-ab585a15e04169f5997b23a683cfd4ef-480x697.jpg
Author: T.Jun
Update: Every Friday
Synopsis: When a bullied child wakes up one day, he turns into a super handsome guy? The main character, Keisuke, was severely bullied at school. In order to reset his life, Keisuke decides to leave his mother alone and transfer to a famous art high school. One day when he started living alone, when Keisuke woke up, there was a “super handsome man” standing in front of the mirror who was the exact opposite of himself! Keisuke, who has obtained another “self”, begins a strange double life where he goes to school with a handsome body during the day and works part-time with an ugly body at night. Keisuke learns a lot from his good-looking self, his ugly self, people who see him from two different perspectives, and society, but…
About LINE Manga
[Image 6d63705-191-517b1ac4443985ba5d67-10.png&s3=63705-191-430377d4fa6b86a9dacd7d4bf05aeac8-650x650.png
“LINE Manga” is an electronic comic service that allows you to easily enjoy manga works on your smartphone or tablet. “WEBTOON Worldwide Service” is the world’s largest platform service consortium in the same market, with 89 million monthly users, over 200 million total downloads, and over 10 billion yen in monthly distribution. as a member of the Japanese market.
The service was launched in Japan in 2013, and currently delivers over 1.12 million items. Among them, we have more than 1,100 titles of original works, exclusive distribution works, and pre-distribution works that can only be read on LINE Manga, and have gained wide support. In addition, we are also focusing on digital comics “webtoons” in color that are scrolled from top to bottom and are suitable for viewing on smart devices.
Details about this release:


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