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LINE MUSIC Co., Ltd. To celebrate the release of ENHYPEN’s latest Japanese original song “Make the change”, we invite you to ENHYPEN’s “Member Individual High Touch Event”!

LINE Corporation
To commemorate the release of ENHYPEN’s latest Japanese original song “Make the change”, we invite you to ENHYPEN’s “Member Individual High Touch Event”!
Listen to “Make the change” and participate in a limited campaign! [LINE MUSIC paying user limited event] All participants will receive a LINE talk background image

LINE MUSIC Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Atsushi Masuda) is a boy group ENHYPEN’s “Member Individual High Touch Party” on the music streaming service “LINE MUSIC” (iPhone / Android compatible) operated by our company. We would like to inform you that we will start a “paid user limited campaign” from today.
[Image 1

“LINE MUSIC” is a music streaming service that allows users to listen to over 99 million songs in a wide range of genres, regardless of whether they are Japanese or Western, anytime, anywhere, depending on the usage scene and mood. “LINE MUSIC” not only “listens” to music, but also provides opportunities for artists and fans to get closer. We are planning to
* Users who have a LINE MUSIC ticket for either the Premium Plan, Basic Plan, or Family Plan, including student discounts.
LINE MUSIC ticket reference: In the campaign starting today, 14 people will be selected by lottery from those who have played ENHYPEN’s latest Japanese original song “Make the change” scheduled to be digitally distributed on October 12 (Wednesday) more than 700 times, and 1 member. We will invite you to the “member individual high touch meeting” where you can high touch with. In addition, all campaign participants will receive an original LINE talk background image.
Participating in the campaign is easy, just tap the “Participate in campaign” button from the “Today’s recommendation” banner on the TOP screen of the LINE MUSIC app. Please check the following for how to participate in the campaign and the conditions.
■Campaign name: ENHYPEN Invitation to the “Member Individual High Touch Event”! ■ Number of people: 14 people
■ Date/Venue: October 30, 2022 (Sun) Aichi International Exhibition Hall Exhibition Hall F
Saturday, November 5, 2022 Osaka Ookini Arena Maishima
Saturday, November 12, 2022 Sunshine City Ikebukuro Exhibition Hall D ■ Application period: October 12, 2022 (Wednesday) to October 18, 2022 (Tuesday) 23:59
* 14 people in total will be selected, 2 for each member.
*Winners can only select the desired date/venue.
* “Members” and “participating departments” are randomly distributed. *Members cannot be selected. Please note that only one person will be chosen at random.
*Please note that even after winning, you cannot change the members or the division you can participate in.
* Only winners will be notified of the results of the lottery by sending a message from LINE MUSIC’s official LINE account.
* A LINE ID is required when winning, so please be sure to set your LINE ID. * Winning information is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25th. Please note that if you do not return the information registration form for winning information by 18:00 on Thursday, October 27th, your winning will be invalidated.
* Only the winners will be notified of the event outline, date, and location. *Please note that you must agree to LINE’s privacy policy to receive messages from the LINE MUSIC LINE official account.
* If our company determines that there is fraudulent activity or is contrary to the purpose of the operation, the eligibility to participate in the campaign will be invalid.
*This campaign is run by LINE MUSIC Co., Ltd. and has nothing to do with Apple inc.
【Application method】
1. Click the “Today’s Recommendation” banner in the LINE MUSIC app and click the button to participate in the campaign.
2. If you are not friends with the “LINE MUSIC” LINE official account, press the “Add friend” button below to add the “LINE MUSIC” LINE official account as a friend.
*The original LINE talk background image will be sent from the official account. Be sure to “Add Friends”.
Add friend URL:
3. Create a playlist containing ENHYPEN “Make the change”.
*Please do not delete the created playlist until October 19th (Wednesday). 4. Play ENHYPEN “Make the change” at least 700 times in full on the LINE MUSIC app.
* Membership registration is required for “Full playback”. (“Free trial” is underway)
*Playback from a PC or web browser is not covered.
* Full playback refers to listening to the song all the way through. Partial playback or skipping in the middle of a song may be considered cheating.
* The number of playbacks eligible for the campaign is limited to one device per person. It is not combined with the number of views on the family plan or PC.
*Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding individual playback counts.
* Depending on the device, there may be a time lag in displaying and reflecting the number of plays. Even if it is not displayed, the number of plays is counted in real time on the LINE MUSIC system and is based on the number of plays on the system.
* The LINE Talk background image will be sent to all premium plan users who have played the target song at least once at full length after clicking the campaign participation button (including those who switched to the premium plan during the campaign period) becomes). * Non-LINE MUSIC paid users can also apply, but they will not be eligible for the campaign.
* Even if you download (save offline) and play it, or play it in airplane mode, it will be counted if you play it in full length. ■Even if the above conditions cannot be met…
After clicking the campaign participation button, all LINE MUSIC users who play the target song at least once in full length will receive an original LINE talk background image!
*Bonus images and videos are specially prepared for users who participated in the campaign, so please refrain from posting them on SNS.
[Target songs]
[Image 2

ENHYPEN「Make the change」

[Special page]
LINE MUSIC will continue to actively add new labels, productions, artists, and songs, and continuously add and improve service functions to create new encounters with music.
[Overview of the LINE MUSIC app]
“LINE MUSIC” is one of the largest music streaming services in Japan that allows users to listen to over 99 million songs in a wide range of genres, regardless of whether they are Japanese or Western, anytime, anywhere. In addition to “listening” to music, “LINE MUSIC” allows you to enjoy watching music videos (MVs) and karaoke functions – listening, watching, singing – music in its entirety. With the industry’s fastest*1 real-time ranking, you can see the “now” of music, and you can meet music according to your mood with a “playlist” that collects popular songs by theme, such as hit songs from “that time” and seasons. I can. In addition, by linking with “LINE”, you can set your favorite songs to your LINE profile and chat room, and also link with LINE Stamp Premium, so if you are a paying user of LINE MUSIC, you can use the target LINE stamp for free. new music experience
We are delivering In addition, based on the desire to provide opportunities for artists and fans to get closer, we regularly plan original events and gift campaigns for LINE MUSIC paid users * 2. *1 “Real-time ranking” that is aggregated every hour
*2 Users who are in the free trial are also eligible.
   About the LINE MUSIC plan: Official site:
App Store:
Google Play: Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
Official note:

Details about this release:

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